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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Summer fun!

 Summer has been fun and full of family events! 2 weeks until school begins and we have many more fun things to do with the kiddies! 

My adorable niece turned 6 years old. Our August is full of birthday fun! 

Last week we were a little down in the household. The kids had hand foot and mouth virus. It was so painful for baby M 
Thank goodness it they got over it quickly! 

My cousin got married last weekend. She had a Henna Party and her ceremony and party. 

It was my first time attending a henna party. The evening was beautiful. 

I was honored to do a reading at their ceremony. 
I wore a simple black Calvin Klein black dress with my gold tip MK shoes and purse. I curled my own hair with the curlpro! Ha! 

The reception was so much fun, with amazing family! 

I had this dress tucked in my closet for about 3 years! Tags and all! It fit perfectly and was perfect for the event! 

The kids looked adorable!!

The next day we headed to the race track. Our new family tradition. The kids love it and the husband and I are getting competitive ha! 

We don't want the summer to end! 

Yesterday was the last day of soccer for the season as well!

We went for ice cream afterwards to celebrate! 


Have a great weekend friends! 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Just a little this and that

What's going on this week? back to school colds, that's what! Little K came home with a cold and passed it on to babyM and mommy!

The other night was tough! I sent the Mr out at midnight to get some things to help with baby M's cold! 

The hydra sense is helping sooo much!! 

To be safe since M is only 1 month I took them both to the doctor yesterday. 

Oh yes , just me and 2 sick kiddies. 

Little K was great at first, pushing the stroller, pressing the elevator buttons, being a big boy getting weighed and temperature checked.... Then it was baby M's turn. Little K wasn't thrilled at the shift in attention. Sooo Mr 3 year old came out full force, making noise, climbing the walls, Pretending to run out of the office. Whaaa!!! I couldn't wait to get out of there. He was testing my patience that's forsure! Momlife!!! Insert tears here haha 
No doctor pics, you can imagine why, my hands were pretty full! Ha!

This past weekend we went to the amusement park, it will be closing for the season soon, so we need to make the most of our dino walks! 

Or strolls.

Fun walk and great exercise for us. Ha!

Especially after our Sunday lunch! 

Can you believe that this past weekend was my first time making lasagna! My mom makes the best lasagna! And even tho it was my first time, I followed her directions and added a little flare of my own and it was sooo delish! Yum!! 

Since I've been on maternity leave I've been cooking a lot more! But with 2 kids, it isn't easy! 

I'm trying out a lot of new slowcooker recipes as well. 2 kids need so much of my attention it's hard to take extra time in the kitchen! But I don't mind! As long as we have easy delicious meals planned we are all happy!! 

My baby boy will be 6 weeks this week. He's beginning to pay more attention, looking closely at us and beginning to coo! So adorable! 

I think little K can't wait for baby to notice him! 

Oh! And yesterday we went to try out for piano!! Little k is showing a lot of interest. 

He loved it but he's still a bit young to begin the lessons. So enrollment wot be until next summer. In the meantime, we will begin practice at home! 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

While the husband was away...

Last week we received sad news that my husbands 94 year old grandfather passed away in Honduras. We had a nice family dinner last weekend to celebrate his life.  At the dinner my husband, 2 of his brothers and his dad decided to go back to Honduras to visit family during this tough time. So they booked a flight for Wednesday and he's been away for 5 days! 

5 days just me and baby k. 

The first day was good, I spent it with my sister shopping and playing. Then Thursday morning I woke up really dizzy. Dizzy and nauseous (not preggo) I couldn't even lift baby k out of the crib. I panicked a little, ok a lot. I never felt that before. I called my sister and mom and they rushed over. After speaking to telehealth they told me to get to the ER. So we did. My sister watched the kids (ha! She had her hands full, my cousin went over to help and my sister was able to put her little to nap and then put baby k to nap haha super mom!) 

After getting checked out, they said all seemed fine. But the nauseous feeling still lasted a couple days! I'll be seeing my family doctor tomorrow.

So glad for my family to help in a second when needed ;)

The rest of the days consisted of more shopping (sorry DH ha!) and lots of playing outdoors with Kristian. 

Yesterday was my brothers BBQ birthday party. It was nice, but with a toddler you can imagine I was pooped at the end of the night! 

Today is a beautiful day. Water fun and ice cream all day! 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spring cleaning on a rainy day

Baby K and I are still sick with our colds. :( Hopefully they will be fully gone soon! 

 I've been tackling all our closets and doing some spring cleaning. We will be redoing our floors soon so I don't want to  deal with over filled closets when we do! 

I finally finished baby K's closet today. Soo much small clothing. Got me thinking that baby #2 has to be a boy ha! He will get a lot of hand me downs. It actually made me emotional seeing the tiny little newborn clothes! 

Trying to organize with a toddler is more work, baby k kept taking things out of the boxes instead of putting them in. So let's just say our closet clean up took longer than it should have haha. 

3 totes full of old clothes that can be used again. And 2 boxes of shoes. He has more shoes than I do in just 19 months ha! 

Monday, May 27, 2013

A little down but fun weekend

This weekend baby K and I were sick with a cold, we still have it which makes this morning a cranky one for both of us!

We had a family BBQ yesterday which was great. The weather wasn't too bad but geez we could be having a better May! Hope it's warmer this week! 

Baby K will be 19 months this week. I can hardly believe it!!! He surprises me everyday! He is strong willed and has such a soft side too. Saturday we were both grumpy from being sick and I spoke firmly to him to stop fighting his nap. He made a pouty face and came to hug and pat my back and looked up at me with puppy eyes. Oh boy. I'm in trouble. How could I ever be upset with him! He just knows how to melt my heart! 

He is into everything and anything these days. He knows how to open our bedroom door and tries to open the other doors to go outside. He can't reach the locks yet but soon we will need to get door safety thingies! 

He never stops when he wants to learn something. He is so dedicated and persistent. He wants to go up and down the stairs alone, so every chance he gets he practices. 

My boy is growing up way too fast!!! 

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Sick days

My little one has had a fever the last couple days and has not been feeling himself. The fever has passed thank goodness and he's slowly feeling himself again. We stayed in the last couple days only playing in the backyard for a bit. We also made some Mother's Day art too!
Baby k loves paying with his new swing and slide set ;) and loves picking all the dandelions to bring to me to smell ha! Sweet boy. The weather is so nice and the flowers are blooming. I'm hoping my little one feels all better soon. It breaks my heart when he is feeling sick.