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Thursday, April 11, 2019

I’m back!

Whoa! My last blog post was in July! I’ve been struggling with whether to continue the blog or just let it be something of the past. Hmm!

The other night I came over and began reading all my past posts. Whaaa!! I documented soo much of my life over the past 10 years! But these days Instagram (@aka_mama_t) and FB do the same thing, in less words haha. Sooo I’ll just check in, now and again until I figure it all out.

Soooo much has changed this year!!! And boy did I miss a lot of good blog postings haha. 

Where to begin! I don’t even know!

Ok, so the biggest change in our lives has been me quitting the corporate scene to stay home with the kiddos. 

With life being so busy with 2 kiddos, 2 working parents, our house location at the time  and long commutes, it was soo draining! To the point the kids were being vocal about it too! So we made the decision to sell our home, (it didn’t happen over night! We had plan A B and C  because it took a year to sell) but it did sell and we made a move that would allow me to stay home with the kids too. The best decision for my family at this point in our lives. 👍🏻 

As I began scrolling the pics to post here, I went through thousands haha because umm my last post was July 2018! Maybe I shouldn’t take a break from blogging again! 🤭 

I have tons I want to share now that I got started! But I’ll have to come back to post! Yay! I think I may be back again for good! Stay tuned!!! 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

More blog fun

If you look to the right ----> you'll see my recipe blog and even a wine blog. I haven't written in them since 2013! It didn't feel like it's been that long but it has been! 

2016 I want to begin blogging more of my favorite recipes for my family  and baby food too. 

Especially easy meals like this one in the pressure cooker.

A total of 10mins one pot pressure cooker meal. Chicken, veggie and rice!

I also want to blog about wine making on the wine blog.

We have been bottling our own wine!

On this blog I want to continue blogging our daily living. A memory bank of our family. 

Fun things we do ha! 

I also want to get back into blogging fashion! On maternity leave im mostly in tights and long tops ha! 

Some fun january moments so far... A painting birthday party for a cousin! 

Kids loved it!

Little k has been practicing piano and is really enjoying it!

He's also Soo into starwars and can name everyone and tell you his favorite scenes of the movie. 

Now with Michael loving the bouncy gym, im getting a little extra time on my hands ha! 

Michael loves to watch big bro. It's the absolute sweetest thing ever and melts my heart each time! 

Big brother is so protective of little brother and calls him "my baby Michael" I can't take the cuteness!! 

We are a little under the weather the past few days :( but still cute as always! 

We are planning our first family vacation as 4. Little k asks everyday if we are going to the beach. Ha! But he's also loving this snow especially when the school has sleds for everyone at recess!