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Friday, October 07, 2011

My hospital bag is packed and ready for baby!

4 weeks to go! I've had my hospital bags for a while now. Just always adding and removing things from it. 

So far I have 2 bags. 1 for me and 1 for baby.

Baby bag:
- 3 onesies
- 1 coming home outfit
- 3 blankets
- 3 hats and 3 socks
- a pacifier
- diapers
- wipes

- pj's
- robe
- socks
- pads
- nursing pads
- under garments
- creams
- personal hygiene products
- makeup ( ha! We'll see if I get a chance to use it lol)
- slippers
- coming home outfit
- hospital papers
- Camera

Think I'm missing anything?? Packed too much?

Last week my doctor gave me a number to our public health line for breastfeeding support. It's a free service, so I called.

The nurse was on the phone with me for an hour ;)

She gave me some websites to go on and recommended some books as well.

She gave me these tips:
Try and breastfeed within the first 24 hours. That way our body knows to produce.

I asked about the different ways of delivery, C section and Vaginal and she said as soon as mom is awake and baby is ok then breastfeeding is safe and ok.

She also said to get baby on me, skin to skin as soon as doctors are done checking him out. Allowing baby to look for the nipple as he cuddles on my skin. She repeated skin to skin is soo important.

She also suggested I lean back when breastfeeding. Not sit up. That way baby doesn't feel like he is falling but safe and secure against mommy.

Breastfeeding moms, I'd love to hear your advice?