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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Finding a bottle baby likes.

 There are so many different types of bottles, standard size, wide neck, special ones for breast fed babies... So these are all the bottles I have.

Avent, Nuk, Medela calma, dr brown, playtex drop ins, tommee tippee, and Playtex vent aire.

 My SIL  tried to give Kristian a bottle (dr brown standard) on Sunday at my sister's shower. He just bites on the nipple but doesn't suck.
It's not the biggest deal since I love breastfeeding anyway... but there are some days where I need to leave him for a couple of hours so I'd like to feel calm knowing that he will eat!

We tried me leaving the room, even the house while someone else feeds him... we tried giving him the bottle when he is really hungry.... yesterday DH tried with the tommee tippee bottle and seemed like he was ok with it, and wasn't chewing it. Looked like he was also ok with the playtex drop in bottle.

He only ate a little so we will try everyday until I'm fully comfortable but I like the tommee tippee bottle :) yay!

Did you have trouble getting your breastfed baby to take a bottle?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sterilizing bottles-what do you do?

Today baby K had his 2 week check up. He is up in weight and his doctor was happy! He is now 7lbs 13oz ;) my big boy! Our doctor really wants us to breastfeed only, which we are trying. We are doing well but we top up with formula a couple times a day. I'm pumping between Feedings when I can to use that as the top up as much as possible. Either way it's working for us so far and doctor was glad we found what works best for us ;)

Before I gave birth I was always concerned about sterilizing bottles. I heard many different things from different people. So last week I asked his doctor If I should boil the bottles and nipples etc. He said I could if I want.... But didn't elaborate. So today I asked again ;) he said soap and water is just fine and boiling is not necessary. Which sounds great to me! I've been making bottle soup for 2 weeks now haha! He also told me to watch the documentary "babies". My SIL told me about this movie a couple weeks ago. So I'm eager to watch it.

How do you wash bottles? For my pump I have the microwave steam bags which I love.

After his appointment we went to buy some clothes and went to best buy to pick up pictures.

Baby K was soo good and just slept the whole time yay!