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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

9 month checkup

Today was baby Kristian's 9 month checkup!

He weighs 16lbs

His doctor said he is a little on the lighter side but perfectly healthy and he is not concerned at all as is weight has been increasing perfectly for him. Kris is exactly at the developmental stage that he needs to be too, which is always great to hear.

He told me to continue feeding him all sorts of different foods and said not to worry at all and try everything!! He even said peanuts! But I'm not ready for that yet!

I asked about weaning from breastmilk within the next 2 months to homomilk he said to go ahead and do it. He said sippy cup only, no bottle. Which is fine Kris never took a bottle. He also told me not to be concerned about the reduction of milk. He wants to see his patients with less milk more foods. He has too many mothers drowning their kids appetites with milk. So he does not want me calling with concern if in 2 months Kris isn't drinking any milk Ahaha he actually said that once he weans off breastmilk he probably won't drink any other milk and I would just need to feed other things like cheese and yogurt daily. Our doctor is a little different on this topic than most books I read. But I trust him and feel good following what he suggests.

I feel much better now knowing that when I wean in 2 months Kris would have gotten all that he needed.

I got some great ideas from twitter friends on different foods to try.

So I have been changing up his meals. Mashing up foods we eat and giving him a variety.

Our next doctors appt will be at 12 months!