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Friday, May 11, 2012

End of a busy week! Doctor appt, baby fun and shopping!

This week has been crazy busy.

I can hardly remember the week haha.

Wednesday I went to my family doctor to tell her about my knee and wrist pain. She thinks it could be arthritis. EEEK! I hope not! I hope that once I drop more weight it will go away!  She said to move away to a hot place and that will make it go away. haha I'm for it! :)
Next week I'll be going back to her for a full checkup.

She saw baby K for the first time too! She said he looks very healthy and very attentive. She suggested that I feed more cereals, as did our pediatrician. She also said it was time to wean off breastmilk and have more solids... our pediatrician said the same but I'm finding it tough to skip out feedings. And after talking to my twitter moms I am just going to follow Baby K. I don't feel he is ready to skip some nursing feedings. I am trying to stretch them a little longer though... trying :)


Today we went and registered for daycare, baby boy is all set for full time daycare in October. I don't really want to talk about it. ha! It's getting too close! But the place is great and all the kids there are happy and love it. It's close to our home and fits our work schedules perfectly.

On to more exciting things...

Look what I got! A new Coach purse! I love it! although it looks like all my other coach purses ahaha. But it's cross body which I love and big enough to fit my ipad! :)

I have been planning my little boy's baptism so yesterday we did a little photo shoot. And my brother took lots of pictures of baby K!

Such a cutie!!!!

 I'm choosing the one above for the invitations. :)

 My brother took about 180 pictures haha. All of them super cute!

Hope you all have a great weekend and Happy Mothers Day!