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Monday, August 31, 2009

Cellulite and dead sea salt

Last week on my goals I said that I was going to try different things on this horrible cellulite I have. I tried the coffee grinds a couple times, but yuk! Coffee grinds all over the shower, is way too messy. So instead I shower with a body scrub and also been taking dead sea salt baths twice a week. Today I inspected the areas, and I think I'm seeing improvement! It looks a little more smoother and overall just looking better whoohoo. So this is a routine I will definitely stick to! I'm excited to see some results, finally!

The steps I take:
1. In the shower use a body scrub to scrub the areas
2. Then fill the bath with warm/hot water and add dead sea salt
3. Soak in tub for 20 mins (no more, because it's very dehydrating)
4. Drink lots of water
5. Cream your body with your favorite creams. I'm using coconut cream but usually use the nivea Q10 body cream.

Only 5 more days till the beach so I'm hoping to be beach ready! Now, if only I could get 10lbs to shed off already :)