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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Jogging stroller success

My little toddler has his days where there is no way he will sit in the stroller longer than 5 minutes. 

I was considering selling my jogging stroller since it was hardly being used for months now! 

But this week alone I got in 3 jogs! Jogging/power walking to parks a little further away. We stop at the park and play which is perfect because I don't feel guilty about making it only about me. We play in the park then jog back home. Perfect! 

I'm not sure how long this will last but I will try and make a routine of it! 

This mama has 20lbs to drop! 

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Second Workout of the Week

Lots of pictures going on here today :) Tonight my sister and I went for a jog. The air is cooler and its much more comfortable. We jogged/walked through a park for an hour. The one thing I like about the parks are the hills, you really feel it in the Butt! haha!

Since the weather is changing, it's getting darker a littler earlier. So during our run through the park it was a little dark. We were hearing all different types of noises and we know there are coyotes in this park too. So we pretty much freaked each other out and starting running for our lives out of the wooded area. At one point I spotted a dog far away and said to my sister COYOTE! She jumped and almost fell to the floor (haha) then noticed it was a dog. She wasn't impressed by that.
I love the summer, but I also loveeee the FALL!
And anything pumpkin pie!

Since Fall is just around the corner, it means Fall shopping must begin! I have my eye on these items.

I'm finally going to get myself a pair of UGGS . I have a gift certificate to SoftMoc so I'm excited to use it this weekend! Whoohoo!

Have you begun Fall shopping???

Sunday, August 08, 2010

The Winner is!!!! #5

Emster is our WINNER!!!!!!


Whoohooo! Your plea was heard! ahah! (I will FB you soon with details)

I looked everywhere for another one of these starbucks tumblers to give another away, but they are sold out everywhere I went!. BUT CHAPTERS has it's own version of one in different colors so next time I'm there I'll pick one up!

Today I went for a jog, it felt great, minus the humid weather we are having today.

Food Journal Update:
I have been eating out a lot this week. However I am watching my portions. 2 times we went to a burger joint, I actually resisted getting a burger! And just shared fries with the husband. A couple times this week I was able to stay within a 1200 calories in my day it was really hard tho, So really 1500 is my goal.

With all this diet talk, I'm still going out for a dinner date tonight. I have 1000 calories left for today ahah! The joy of sleeping in and skipping BF. :)

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Another beautiful day!

Another beautiful Day! We woke this morning to soo much sunshine. So we decided to get our running shoes out and go for a morning jog. Oh I miss jogging outdoors and I'm so happy the weather is getting better. Whoohoo!

At the end of a trail near our house there is a little park so we stopped to rest ahahh!

This weekend my healthy eating sorta went out the window, we ate fast food, chips and dip and Candy and chocolate!!...

BUT I did have time to make a delicious dinner. Shrimp Pasta with asparagus (altho my asparagus looks sad ahahh) I rarely make pasta, I leave the pasta eating for when I visit my grandma, but I had all the tasty ingredients for this shrimp pasta and it came out really good:)

Also, I've been talking about some products that I ordered from a bloggy friend, I tried the Calli Tea last night and it was really good and soothing. It's a cleansing tea so I am looking forward to drinking 1 cup a day ;)

Everyday for Breakfast this week I decided to forgo the coffee and toast for a Nuplus Shake.
I'm looking forward to the food change this week and really hoping I could see some pounds drop. I will write about my weekly goals tomorrow :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Basement Exercise Room

It's now way too cold for jogging. I know some people don't mind jogging in the cold, but I hate the feeling of freezing then sweating. So that's what I have a basement for! Now we will put use to our basement exercise room!
And of course where I am, Zoe is... hahah!

Today I made sure that no matter how exhausted I was I had to make time for working out. As soon as I got home I prepared dinner, popped it all in the oven for 40mins and went downstairs to work out. When I was done working out dinner was ready! Ahh Chicken, Veggies and a Samosa!

Dinners are late these days, and by the time dinner is done and dishes are cleaned it's 730 and sometimes 8!, I know it may not sound late for some but for the last 4 years I never came home from work passed 5! and dinner and dishes never put me passed 6pm! I just always had more evening time. Miss that! (yes... If you haven't noticed, I kick and scream with change... ;) )

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jogging into lights!

Tonight we went for our jog and decided to take a longer route. We couldn't take our usual route through the trail because it gets dark too quick (altho, we did try ahha and it was tooo dangerous with all the branches sticking out and not being able to see!) We took a different route but still ended up and the end of our trail. This is what we ran into... Christmas lights everywhere!!!! It was so beautiful!

I really enjoy our outdoor jogs!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Beautiful Fall Weather

The weather has been amazing the last couple days. Gorgeous fall weather amazing for this time of year. Today I was feeling yucky at work. I'm going through a big learning curve and just feeling moosh. When we got home from work today we went for our jog, we went a little further than usual. It felt great and I'm feeling better already, ahh. Nothing like a jog in fresh air to clear the mind ;)

FRUIT! When I did my groceries on Sunday I bought lots of fruit, grapefruit, grapes, and strawberries. Trying to eat as nutritional as possible. I'm hoping to stay flu free!

Tomorrow husband and I both have the day off for remembrance day. I am so happy that I have a break in the middle of the week ahhhhh !

Look at Zoe thinking my back is turned and right away jumping on the counter. She noticed my pedometer on the counter and decided to knock it down and use it a s a toy and it broke! Maybe she doesn't want me to use it anymore HA! But that is ok, because I want to buy the one that tracks calories burned too, so now I have an excuse to go buy it! ;0

Off to read all my fav blogs ;)

Thursday, November 05, 2009

I cracked! And ate out today!

I cracked! I was doing so well with cooking at home for dinner all week and I also brought my own lunch from home everyday this week ;) but tonight we gave in and we went to have Thai!!

We came home from work, changed and went for our jog. During our jog we could smell all the yummy food people were cooking and we were getting so hungry! I think we are going to change our jog time since jogging around dinner time is sabotaging us!

For dinner I had Shrimp PadThai with a spring roll. It was yummy and I'm glad we went ;) HA! of course I am, I love FOOD! Food is my issue here! ;(
I really really need to kick it up by A LOT! From reading many of my blogger friends blogs I am getting new tips and ideas that I need to incorporate. For now I need to get my Cals in check and add some more intense exercising! (Main area I was to shrink down are my thighs! these babies are causing a big problem with fitting into dress pants!) ahha!

Sooo happy tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A cold Thursday!

Burrr is all I can say! Boy is it cold today. I just turned up the heat to 22C my fingers and toes were starting to freeze! Hopefully I did it right, I hear some strange noises from the furnace eee!

I woke up today extremely tired. We came home late last night from watching soccer games. Thanks to the USA soccer team for tying the game with Costa Rica, Honduras (where husbands family is from will now be in the World Cup!) The first time since 1982!! Actually In 1982 I was just 1 year old and Italy had won the world cup, see pic below with my dad and brother and my grandpa in the back round :)

I just came back from grabbing a coffee, a much needed coffee to keep me awake while I prepare for another interview tomorrow. I think I am very close to getting this job...but I'm trying not to think too far in the future because that gives me the jitters so I can only think about today and up to tomorrows interview. :) (painting my nails too for the interview, trying not to show my nervous nail biting evidence) ahah!

Yesterday I was only able to get 5000 on the pedometer, not good. Today I'm going for a jog when husband gets back from work. I got my mittens and hat ready to be warm ahah! It's not even winter yet!

Hope you are having a good Thursday! :)

Friday, October 02, 2009

Jogging in trails

Last night when I was getting ready for bed I had the TV on and it was on one of those health hour special channels. It mentioned a study that exercise helps depression and increases happiness, something I've heard before many times. But what it said was, not just any exercise, specifically out door exercise and specifically in Green areas! The one thing husband and I love to do is jog through trails, it always makes us feel really good and we always have more energy and feel positive after our runs. We have a small trail near our house and we always go through it when we jog, and now I know why we love it so much! It makes us happy!

I did my weigh in today and it's the exact same, no surprise ahah. I did really well with my jogs 3 times this week and jumped on my trampoline twice :) This weekend I am going to wear my pedometer all weekend in hopes of achieving 10000 steps per day Fri/Sat/Sun.

I'm so happy the weekend is here!

Have a great weekend everyone! :)

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Thursday ups and downs.

Finally Friday (well soon enough)! And Finally our long awaited trip is here! I think Zoe has been sensing we are leaving, maybe the smell of the luggage's remind her of the previous trips. She is all over me wanting to be pet and cuddled, making it even more heartbreaking. I really hope she is ok in the pet hotel and really hope she behaves so they love her and give her lots of attention! I hope I hope!!!! Zoe will be taking some things with her on her stress-cation haahha. Some items to remind her of home. One of her flower toys that she carries up and down the stairs all the time and a new scarf that she started playing with. I wonder if I should add a piece of my clothing too... Ok sounds creepy i know, I won't do that. Husband already thinks I'm cat crazy. Not just any cat crazy tho, just for my Zoe :)

Job stuff: So today's interview went well! BUT I did forget to ask some very important questions, like ummm.... Salary? However, from the description of the job at the interview, I'm not sure it would be a good fit for me at all...not that I got the job yet anyway so no point worrying about that! I am feeling more and more confident as each interview goes by, i'll be a pro in no time! :) Practice does make perfect!

Exercise: I went for my jog today and it felt great! Until I noticed the painful blisters on the back of my feet! nice huh just before my trip. Hope they heal quick! :( It seems that lately I've been so fragile and I am not liking this... Last weekend I had an allergic reaction to something that swelled my lips and caused canker sores in my mouth, then I had an little rash on my ring finger that prevented me from wearing my wedding rings all week, now my blisters, and not to mention my tummy aches and headaches from interview stress....GRR to stress!!

I can not believe how stress effects our bodies so much! Could all these symptoms be some sort of reaction to stress? Does stress give you any crazy symptoms?

Have a great (stress free) weekend everyone! :)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Cellulite and dead sea salt

Last week on my goals I said that I was going to try different things on this horrible cellulite I have. I tried the coffee grinds a couple times, but yuk! Coffee grinds all over the shower, is way too messy. So instead I shower with a body scrub and also been taking dead sea salt baths twice a week. Today I inspected the areas, and I think I'm seeing improvement! It looks a little more smoother and overall just looking better whoohoo. So this is a routine I will definitely stick to! I'm excited to see some results, finally!

The steps I take:
1. In the shower use a body scrub to scrub the areas
2. Then fill the bath with warm/hot water and add dead sea salt
3. Soak in tub for 20 mins (no more, because it's very dehydrating)
4. Drink lots of water
5. Cream your body with your favorite creams. I'm using coconut cream but usually use the nivea Q10 body cream.

Only 5 more days till the beach so I'm hoping to be beach ready! Now, if only I could get 10lbs to shed off already :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hump Day Update

Do you see that, the pic above... Yes that is the cake, that heavenly Sfoglia cake. MMM strawberries and cream with soft wafer like pastry in between... It's Torture! Why do I do this to myself. I can't get myself to throw it away! I have been good and only had 3 bites of it last night, but really why is it my fridge, for what reason other than to torture myself. Not sure how long the cake would be good for anyway, it has been in the fridge since Saturday, it's life is surely coming to an end soon ahah.

As for my weight loss and eating healthy goals, I have been doing pretty well. (other than the cake issue I'm having) I went and did large groceries and bought lots of fresh fruits and veggies and lean meats. I also bought some avocados this week to add to my salads YUM!
Walking through the aisles I noticed this Soy Gluten free chocolate pudding so I decided to try it. 120 cals and 1g fat and it is delicious! It really helps with my sweet tooth and really good for my evening snacks when I feel the most need for sweets.
Today my body is soo sore! I went for a nice long jog on Monday and then a brisk hour 1/2 walk last night. I feel great. Yesterdays walk was so long and I was so upset that I forgot my pedometer. I'll to that same walk tomorrow night and log my steps, I'm pretty sure the walk was over 10000 steps!

As for my weight, no change yet :( and 18 days to vacation - 7 days in a bikini!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Green Tea ALL day!

Today I decided to drink as much Green Tea as I can! I need to flush all the bad bad sugar I ate this weekend.

The culprit is below! Sfoglia Cake
This cake is heaven! I had 2 pieces this weekend and I have left overs in the fridge! I forgot to send off pieces to the guests we had over and now there's a plate of cake in my fridge! I could just throw it away... but oh what a waste of delicious cake that wood be! I could go give some to my neighbors... hmm but all these kids have nut allergies and I have no idea if this cake is nut free! I cannot eat more of this cake this week, that is a big no no! I have my mini goal to accomplish by Wednesday and trip goal by September. Self discipline will be needed this month that is for sure.

Husband decided to join me in my beach ready goal, so tonight we are starting our jogging sessions, fun!

Also, I just read online that coffee grinds help with cellulite.. have you heard this? I just made a pot of coffee( not to drink ha!) but to save the grinds in a bowl. Tonight I will rub those grinds all over Mrs Thighs and Bum and hopefully be beach ready by Sept!