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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Santa Parade and Christmas Decor

This weekend was all about getting ready for Christmas!

We started the house decor but we are not finished just yet! We have to decorate the tree still! We bought a Fraser Fir Tree and it smells amazing!

I also ordered our Christmas cards and hopefully I can mail them out next week!

Yesterday night we stayed in decorating and playing Christmas music. We also baked apple pie. It was very festive here haha!
Today we went to the city's Santa Parade! It was sooo cold but we were all bundled up and had a great afternoon.

Now that baby K is a year older Christmas is even more fun. I'm excited to share my traditions with him every year

Hope you all had a great weekend! 

Monday, December 05, 2011

Decorations are slowly coming together

I've been decorating the house slowly each day. Having a newborn has us very busy these days.

Yesterday we finally went to get our tree. We got a Fraser Fir, 8 foot tree.
It smells amazing! This morning the smell of coffee and the tree together totally made my day!

We put the lights on it, now just need to find time to decorate!

Can't wait to add all the gifts for baby K under the tree ;)

Speaking of giving. My sister and I are going on our 3rd annual adopt a family for Christmas at our church. We have a family of 4 this year and we are excited to put together a basket full of gifts!