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Thursday, December 07, 2017

Christmas season! 

Life with 2 kiddos is so busy! 
We are here and there and everywhere!

Mid year parent teacher interview was last month. We got a lot of feedback and looking forward to lots of learning in grade 1!

We got some cool haircuts :)

We had some birthday fun with cousins

Baby M is talking so much these days and he just cracks me up. He repeats everything big brother says.
These 2 have the cutest relationship. They communicate with eachother, play and entertain eachother.,they help eachother,which is always so cute. Mr K will clean up baby M when he’s full of chocolate haha. Yet he will secretly feed him chocolate all the time. 

Yup Elfolo is back! Even cuter this year because baby M loves it!

We noticed over the last month that baby M is changing and it’s easier to be out and about with this cute toddler. Haha

Christmas is around the corner! You all know that! I’m almost done my Christmas list! This year was the hardest! Working mom of 2 busy boys and sooo busy at work too. I can’t wait to have some time off and relax and enjoy the holidays with family and friends!

Every year we give back to a family in need. This year my sister and I got together to give some gifts to a single mom and her toddler. For Mom we filled a box of essentials and gift card and a few outfits and a toy for the little girl. I wrote a post many years ago about this. Giving back to a family every Christmas has a place in my heart forever. Both my husband and I had kind people do the same for us when we were kids and in need. I never ever forgot how that made me feel. So giving back at Christmas is so important to us and we want our children to follow in the same footsteps of giving back to those in need.

With that said. I saw this on Instagram last week and love it!
Have a great week friends!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Giving...

For the past 3 years my sister and I take part in our church's adopt a family program for Christmas. It helps give families in need a basket of food and gifts for Christmas. This program hits home for us. There was a time when we were young that a program like this brought gifts to us. We were so grateful.

So we spent today shopping to fill the basket! Fruits, veggies, soups, cereals, chocolates and lots more!

This year we have a single mom with 3 kids. We are soo happy to be able to help this family. We filled the basket with lots of goodies. We put all the food at the bottom and placed the gifts and a gift card at the top.

This year is even more special because it's baby K's first year doing it with us.

I think he did a great job! :) Santa's little reindeer.
Love this little boy soo much!
P.S. How do you like my new blog makeover! Thanks

Monday, December 05, 2011

Decorations are slowly coming together

I've been decorating the house slowly each day. Having a newborn has us very busy these days.

Yesterday we finally went to get our tree. We got a Fraser Fir, 8 foot tree.
It smells amazing! This morning the smell of coffee and the tree together totally made my day!

We put the lights on it, now just need to find time to decorate!

Can't wait to add all the gifts for baby K under the tree ;)

Speaking of giving. My sister and I are going on our 3rd annual adopt a family for Christmas at our church. We have a family of 4 this year and we are excited to put together a basket full of gifts!