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Monday, October 12, 2015

Thanksgiving long weekend!!

What a fun weekend! This time last year we moved out of our old house to stay at my moms place while our new house was being built! Fall in the city was so great last year. 

This fall has been beautiful so far! Many sunny colorful days! The house is always smelling like apple cinnamon goodness!

This weekend we went to make our own wine! Well not like making our own wine in our garage or anything. We have neighbors that are great at doing that, but we are doing it with a company that will do all the dirty work for us! Ha! 

We are making our own Pinot Noir.
Saturday we went to drop the yeast in our bucket of wine.
The whole process will take 4 weeks. 
Once done we will go back and bottle and label our own wine! 

That evening we ordered a lobster dinner from our favorite seafood restaurant! They delivered which was great! And they were fast too!
Lobster Bisque and garlic bread! 
We had a 2lbs and 2.5lbs lobsters! Seriously sooo good!!! 
Perfect for a Saturday night in! 

Sunday we had Thanksgiving lunch with the family. 

Baby M's first thanksgiving! 
He was the cutest Turkey hsha

Cousin Love! These kids are so much fun! 

It's not only Thanksgiving weekend. It's also blue jays weekend! Baseball!!

Our team won 2 games this weekend! Yay! 

Happy Thanksgiving!!!