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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekend equals play time!

Zoe must of known it was the weekend. She brought up her toys from the basement to play. ahahh!

I looked outside today and noticed my garden is almost fully bloomed! This brings a smile to my face. I love my backyard and just love my garden. If this weather would only get nicer I can enjoy more time out there!

The work week was extremely busy and extremely stressful for me. So I am glad the week is over!

Today I woke up refreshed and ready for a fun weekend!

I had sushi for lunch but we ate in for dinner :) BBQ chicken and veggies.
My diet was all over the place last week because of my stress, some days I did well others I totally indulged in all things bad :( Its such a struggle especially when stressed out!

So this weekend I decided to add some extra items to my list, to try and prevent over eating. I will post on that tomorrow.

Hope you all have a relaxing and fun weekend... I know I will!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Beautiful day to garden :)

We had an early morning today as our new BBQ was being delivered! So we woke up to the smell of coffee (I had it at 745 timer ha!) I made omelettes for breakfast with slices of avocado. It's the weekend so I know husband and I are pretty busy and since I knew I would eat out at some point today I made sure to have no carbs at breakfast. :)

After the BBQ was delivered we decided to clean up our yard and get some new flowers. I bought these cute flowers for my front yard urns.
I looked and many bushes/shrubs and tree's but I am nooo green thumb so I was pretty overwhelmed and decided to think about it some more.

The back yard plants have not blossomed yet so it is difficult to really see what I need. However, I do need to fill the left and right sides.

I also bought this grilling recipe book.

So many yummy recipes in here! Can't wait to get grilling!!!

Hope you are having a great weekend!