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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yogurt for breakfast...

Today we spent the day with family for my grandfathers 76th Birthday. Love my grandparents soooo much!

Eating at my grandparents house is my favorite thing to do ahah!. I love my grandmothers cooking and there is no refusing food allowed ha!
After lunch we went over to my aunts house that lives near by. My Aunt and Uncle gave us backyard tips on gardening. I have lots of ideas now for my backyard project! Now when I will get that started... eek I don't know.

Late this evening we decided to test out our new BBQ!!! I bought some steaks and seasoned them with salt and pepper. I'm looking forward to grilling this week. We bought chicken and fish and I can't wait to try salmon on the bbq!
I had half a steak with corn and avocado salad. Oh but I felt soo guilty having a late dinner :(

So I made sure to quickly pack my salad for lunch with plenty of snacks. Honey dew, almonds and an apple ;)
My doctor also suggested that I have yogurt for breakfast. So I bought yogurt with granola. I will try that this week and see how that goes. So far I am doing great with my salads for lunch and my healthy snacks. My weekends, well haven't got that down yet.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Beautiful day to garden :)

We had an early morning today as our new BBQ was being delivered! So we woke up to the smell of coffee (I had it at 745 timer ha!) I made omelettes for breakfast with slices of avocado. It's the weekend so I know husband and I are pretty busy and since I knew I would eat out at some point today I made sure to have no carbs at breakfast. :)

After the BBQ was delivered we decided to clean up our yard and get some new flowers. I bought these cute flowers for my front yard urns.
I looked and many bushes/shrubs and tree's but I am nooo green thumb so I was pretty overwhelmed and decided to think about it some more.

The back yard plants have not blossomed yet so it is difficult to really see what I need. However, I do need to fill the left and right sides.

I also bought this grilling recipe book.

So many yummy recipes in here! Can't wait to get grilling!!!

Hope you are having a great weekend!