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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Working on those goals!

The best thing to do after setting goals is to start working towards them right away!

So in the process of begging my sister to join yoga with me (she won't!) we decided that we will join the gym instead!

It was great! We use to work out here all the time when I lived in the area. I use to live just down the street from my mom, and my sister and I would meet up a couple times a week to workout or do fitness classes together. All the good memories flooded back and brought me back to some of my happiest times when I lived in the city. Good thing my mom still lives in that area so I still feel part of that community. (Although I do love where I live now, A huge piece of me is with our first home, I have sooo many amazing memories from the 4 years we lived there so I love thinking about it :)
It's snowing like crazy out there! And we decided to walk to the gym it's not that far... but it was a blizzard! ahaha!

Annnnnd I decided to try Hot Yoga! My cousin and I will be going this weekend... EEK I'm nervous about that! Hot Yoga??!!!! Wish me luck!

Food : I'm doing really well with making Breakfast, lunch and dinner! And controlling my calories too. I love New Year Goals! I need to drop some weight already! The scale # is a little scary! I'm not going to lie.

But the key is to set yourself up for success! (says Anthony Robbins!) So I'm doing just that! Buying healthy foods in order to make healthy meals for BF, Lunch and Dinner! Planning my weekly schedule ahead of time with alarms on my phone that remind me just in case! and It works! Set up exercise dates with family/friends that way you commit to it! These are my New Year strategies.

Another goal I'm attacking, is the traveling. We decided on our first trip! Husband and I can't take a week off work until the end of March so we decided to take 2 days off and do a 4 day trip to San Francisco! So I'm in the process of planning that!

Have you begun attacking those goals?? ....We can do this!