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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Nickelodeon Punta Cana! PT 1

This was our best family trip by far!
We booked this trip for our 10 year anniversary. We counted down the months and days! The kids were so excited! Who am I kidding, Mr M and I were even more excited! 

Waking up at 5am to go to the airport was so exciting. Baby M had no idea what was going on and loved every second of it.

Little k even got to meet the pilots! He told them he was finished SK and going to grade 1!  

The plane ride was good. iPads and candy for entertainment. Baby M got a little restless but napped a bit too so that helped! 

The bus to the hotel from the airport was about 30mins. 

When we arrived we were soo impressed with our room! Swim up pad suite!

Soo nice! They thought of everything here. The space was perfect. Fully stocked mini fridge with beer and pop and water and snacks! Oh and the room service. Amazing. 

 Our pool connected to the swim up bar and a snack bar too.  We would swim over for drink and food then swim back ha!

The first thing we did when we arrived was swim! Of course! When you open your sliding door to a pool! Little K said this was the best part of the trip haha. Second was the Nickelodeon aqua park! More on that soon! 

The resort was beautiful! 
Big infinity pool over looking the ocean. 

I have so much to talk about so I'll do it in parts! This is part 1! Part 2 coming soon haha.
Like how we got slimed! Yup! Little K pulled that lever to slime his family! 

Monday, September 05, 2016

First family camp trip!

We have been camping before, before having kids that is. So it's been a while since we camped! 

We thought it would be a great experience for the kids. I was a little hesitant at first but my husband reassured me that it would be fine!

And it was better than fine.

We had a wonderful time and perfect weather. I was impressed at how well the kids adapted. 

We went to a camp site just 1.5 hours away. We took the scenic route and the drive was so beautiful and peaceful. 

We arrived and set up camp right away! 

Little k was happy to help daddy. 

And baby M was loving the freedom of walking all over new territory. Ha! 

The camp site had the lake just a short walk away. I never camped at a place like this. How perfect. To walk to the water. 

The lake was clear, clean and peaceful.
We spent 2 full afternoons there, taking it all in! 

It was soo relaxing. The kids were so good too. Baby M even napped in my arms to the sound of the water. 

Mmm the Mr cooked all our yummy meals. We had Pichania, beef ribs, hotdogs, sausages and i made a pasta salad already prepared for our sides. 

We had tons of snacks, chips, nachos, candy, cookies, chocolate! 

Smores of course! 


Little k loved helping start the fire and make his own smores! He likes the marshmallows burnt just like I do. Ha! 

Sitting in the dark by the fire was really nice. One kid for each of us in our arms, sitting close and cuddled, telling stories and roasting marshmallows. Definitely a new family tradition for us. This family time was so special and a great experience for the kids. 

Little k was so curious. Always asking questions and helping out. He loved being outdoors and loved all the new things he was learning. 

The kids were soo excited to sleep in the tent. They would jump around and play with the flashlights. They both fell asleep fast once we cuddled them up with blankets. The nights were a bit chilly but we cuddled close! We all slept great! Surprisingly! We had a queen air 
mattress and lots of blankets! 

This morning we woke to some noise and when I looked up I saw baby M got to some snacks 
He cracks us up! 

For breakfast I brought my grill and a old coffee maker I had in the basement. Ohhh this was perfect! Hahaha 

The kids would play and explore as we cooked. 

We also brought a hammock.

Baby m would sing to himself as it rocked. 

I'm so glad we did this little camping  trip.  A perfect way to end the summer. We all got to be so close and the kids learned new things. The best part of camping is not looking at the clock... Just wake when you want, cook when you want, sleep when u want, play, relax whatever! When you want. I think that's what the kids loved most about it as well. 

Camping 2016!

Monday, August 08, 2016

Summer weekend fun.

Our family likes to keep busy on the weekends, you can probably tell by my blog posts that we are not homebodies. Of course we like our relaxing days in as well, but we mostly like to be out enjoying new things and events and family outings. Offering the kids experiences that will leave lasting impressions in their memories. 

We were pretty exhausted after the long weekend. So we kept the week light with  catching up on favorite shows like Paw Patrol and PJ masks ha! We went for daily walks and played games, haircuts and back to school shopping . 

Soccer practice last week had baby M excited! Ha!

He's eager to be like big brother. No one told me how amazing this part of parenting truly is. It melts my heart when he copies big bro! 

Let's not forget that this cutie turns 1 in a week!!! OMG this year just flew by! I'm grateful to be home with them for an extended 2 months! 

Friday morning we headed downtown to meet daddy for lunch! We showed the kids the tall building daddy works in. We had a yummy lunch and walked around downtown for a couple of hours. 

How stylin' was the Mr pushing the kids in the stroller.

It was a great afternoon! 

Friday night, mommy got to go out without the kiddies. Ha! I went to watch bAdmoms!!! It was hilarious! And a great evening out with the ladies! 

Saturday we headed to the race track! 
Ok, I honestly didn't think the kids and I would enjoy this as much as my husband. To my surprise, we all loved it! It's so much fun! We all got so into it and it was so exciting. 

I was getting serious about it and really  
analyzing the horses numbers ha! 

We had great seat on the patio to have lunch and watch the races!

Little K's outfit -on point! 

Sunday I had another ladies event. We tell little k it's a girls party and he's like- meh, go have fun with that. Ha! 
He got to have a fun afternoon with daddy and couldn't stop talking about it when I got home! 

This morning we woke up late and the kids are still in their pj's playing while I'm blogging and on my second cup of coffee! 

Have a great week friends!