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Monday, July 10, 2017

Nickelodeon Punta Cana Pt 3

More and more pictures of our fun trip! 

Infinity pools over looking the ocean. Ahhh so relaxing. 

The weather was awesome when we went. We had one cloudy day but the rest of the days were sunny bright and hot! 
SPF 50 was lathered on us all! 

Lots of cold icy drinks needed

Ha or just cover yourself with sand and hide from the sun heehee

Let's talk about this foam party haha

The nightly entertainment was awesome. They had 2 different areas with entertainment. One for kids and one for adults. Both were very good. 

One night was a foam party in the lazy river. It was crazy! Baby M was terreified so only MR M and little K went in. 


 So much fun! 

I bought a waterproof case for my iPhone. Little K was obsessed! He was making so many videos swimming with it. 
When we first got to our swim up suite, little k needed his floaties because it's a bit deep for him. But by the end of the week he was a pro and swimming back wall to wall on his own and he was soo proud! 

Baby M hated his floaties and wanted to follow big brother on swimming on his own. Ha! Oh boy. He can't wait to get swimming lessons.


 This trip was for our 10 year wedding anniversary. So of course we did a beach photo shoot! 

These pictures are from my iPhone. The real ones are still on the CD! 


 Nickelodeon 2017! 


Monday, August 08, 2016

Summer weekend fun.

Our family likes to keep busy on the weekends, you can probably tell by my blog posts that we are not homebodies. Of course we like our relaxing days in as well, but we mostly like to be out enjoying new things and events and family outings. Offering the kids experiences that will leave lasting impressions in their memories. 

We were pretty exhausted after the long weekend. So we kept the week light with  catching up on favorite shows like Paw Patrol and PJ masks ha! We went for daily walks and played games, haircuts and back to school shopping . 

Soccer practice last week had baby M excited! Ha!

He's eager to be like big brother. No one told me how amazing this part of parenting truly is. It melts my heart when he copies big bro! 

Let's not forget that this cutie turns 1 in a week!!! OMG this year just flew by! I'm grateful to be home with them for an extended 2 months! 

Friday morning we headed downtown to meet daddy for lunch! We showed the kids the tall building daddy works in. We had a yummy lunch and walked around downtown for a couple of hours. 

How stylin' was the Mr pushing the kids in the stroller.

It was a great afternoon! 

Friday night, mommy got to go out without the kiddies. Ha! I went to watch bAdmoms!!! It was hilarious! And a great evening out with the ladies! 

Saturday we headed to the race track! 
Ok, I honestly didn't think the kids and I would enjoy this as much as my husband. To my surprise, we all loved it! It's so much fun! We all got so into it and it was so exciting. 

I was getting serious about it and really  
analyzing the horses numbers ha! 

We had great seat on the patio to have lunch and watch the races!

Little K's outfit -on point! 

Sunday I had another ladies event. We tell little k it's a girls party and he's like- meh, go have fun with that. Ha! 
He got to have a fun afternoon with daddy and couldn't stop talking about it when I got home! 

This morning we woke up late and the kids are still in their pj's playing while I'm blogging and on my second cup of coffee! 

Have a great week friends! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mother's Day part 2

The kids first baseball game! 

My favorite sport is baseball and my husband's favorite sport is soccer! So we decided that every Mother's Day we will go have a full day event for baseball and Father's Day will be a soccer event. 

The kids loved this experience. A nice walk downtown to the Skydome, I mean Rogers center. (It will always be the Skydome to me) 

Hot dogs and popcorn! Yum! 

Blue Jays lost :( but we had a great time! 

I loved every second with my boys. Watching their little faces taking it all in. 

After the game we went for dinner.

Sports food! Nomnomnom
And dessert with a blue Jays sprinkle donut!! 

It was the perfect day! 

Sunday little k went with my husband to pick me out some flowers. How cute! He was so excited when he walked in and gave them to me. 

We then spent the afternoon at my grandmothers house to celebrate. 

Always a great time with family. 

Love my littles more than anything! I'm so proud to be their mommy! 

We had a great Mother's Day weekend. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine's & Family Day!

It was family day long weekend here and of course Valentine's Day too! 

Friday baby M and I spent the day at the mall with my sister. The big kids at school/daycare. 
It was nice to shop in the mall without the big kids, ha! 

Perfect start to the long weekend.

We had family fun all weekend! 

Saturday the cousins were together all day. 
They enjoy eachothers company and they were all hyped on V day chocolates.

My sweet boys. 

And Baby M is 6 months!! What! More on that tomorrow! 

I can't get enough of that cute face! 
3 Valentines! I'm soo lucky to have 3 Valentines! I was a happy mama this long weekend with all the love and 

Sunday we took the kids to the science center. This was little k's second time here. He came last year on a school trip.

We watched the space movie in the IMAX theatre. 
Which made me nauseous haha but the boys loved it.

Making a tornado 

Watching his heart beat

He learned so many new things.  We can't wait to go back. He wouldn't stop talking about it after we left. He loved learning about space which he's also learning about in school so he was paying close attention to that. He loved the skeletons and learning about the digestive system, electricity and weather and so much more. Just a great day for learning. 

Yesterday we spent family day indoors. 
We played games, watched movies, baked, bathed haha we thought it would be fun to have a big bubble bath in the middle of the afternoon. The kids were soo happy! 

Little k usually hates haircuts. He refuses to go to a hairdresser. So I usually trim it with scissors myself. Yestersay we asked if we could try the shaving machine...he said ok. Ha! So we did this! 

Not bad! Considering im not a hairdresser haha! 

Happy Family day friends!