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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Not even a week and exhausted

I heard other mothers tell me that the first week back to work is the hardest, and oh they are sooo right.

We have been doing well with timing after work and before. Getting out the door is fine! Coming home making dinner is ok too, although with a hungry baby I need more ready made things to feed him quick!

There are a couple things happening the past couple nights.

Mr cranky teething baby with his new Whiney cry ;( it's hard seeing my sweet baby so cranky.

He has been falling asleep at 8pm sharp with no hassle. But has been waking up many times at night and last night was the worst!! He was up every 1-2 hour screaming!!! And nothing helped, Tylenol, nursing, nothing!

I'm not sure how I even made it out the door.

Being a SAHM is tough too, no breaks it's a 24 hour job I know this! Now Being a working mom is just as hard. It comes with some other things. The guilt of spending less time with your little one, and when they are cranky makes it worse!! Having to go into work on 2 hours sleep is crazy too!

I see other families doing fine with their routines... Are they? Or they don't talk about it or complain like I do haha. I know with time we will get it too... Right... Right!?

It hasn't even been a week and it's getting hard to see how we will make this all work out.

This mama is tired!!!!

Love my baby boy and he just melts my heart with his smile. I want to see more smiles! Less cries! haha he only has 6 teeth so we have a long way to go.