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Monday, August 01, 2016

Long weekend fun!

Yay long weekends! This long weekend was jammed packed with fun events! 

The piles of laundry prove it ha!

Friday my sister took the day off work and we took the kids to the Zoo!

I fit another car seat in my car so we could travel together! The kids loved this! 

It was a hot day! So after walking around seeing the animals we went to the splash pad they had there.

Baby Mikey loved seeing the animals. He was so good, and even took a nice long nap! 

Both kids napped on the way home and we waited for daddy to come home. We then headed back out for a movie night! 
A drive in movie that is! 
We watched the secret life of pets. Ha! Really cute movie.
We got popcorn and snacks! Mr K also enjoyed the playground they had there.

And we got all cozy to watch the movie! 
Blankets, chairs.. We forgot our pillows tho. I changed the kids to their pj's when the movie started and we snuggled up in the trunk of the car to watch. 
We've been many times with the kids and we love this little tradition we've made. 

Saturday night was a night out for this mama! My cousins stagette!
See that purse- That's my new Kate spade, early birthday gift :) I love it!

Ok back to the night out. We had a blast celebrating my cousins stagette. 

We had way to much fun driving to dinner blasting Drake. 

We played stagette games, had a great dinner and danced danced danced! 

Daddy was just fine home with the kiddies. Baby Mikey even took more steps! Much more than he did with me! I'll post on that later! 

I was on just 4 hours of sleep and we had plans for Sunday! 

Yesterday we spent the whole day at a water park!
We rented the cabana to have our own private space. Which came in handy when baby M napped. We had lunch and relaxed too. 

We had so much fun going on water slides and the lazy river. Both kids loved it! We spent the whole day there! 

Today we had more water fun at my uncles annual pool party! 

Always a great time with family. 
Mr K spent the whole time in the water! Even when it rained for 45mins he was still in there! 

We are all pooped! My house is upside down from all the in and out this weekend. But I wouldn't change any of it! We made some amazing memories this weekend. 

It's time for bed! All my boys are sound asleep! Good night! 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Happy 8 months!

Baby boy you are 8 months old! 

I can hardly believe it :( I truly feel like you were just born! 

You are 20lbs and in size 4 diapers haha you are a big boy!! 

You are crawling like crazy and lift yourself to stand no problem! 

You are just the sweetest baby! You do so well with our busy family! We are always out and about and you just love it! 

You love the bath and you love to eat! 

You feed yourself finger food and eat pretty much everything these days. 

You are still breastfeeding but we are slowly trying to daytime wean you. As its back to work in 3.5 months! Boo! :( 

You enjoy playing with big brother. Big brother is your biggest fan. He's always cheering you on and gets very excited when you learn something new. The bond you guys already have melts my heart! 

This weekend you had a few firsts.

First time going to the movies Ha! You did great! Well,  you were sleeping for most the movie but when you woke up you watched the movie no problem! 

We also went to Niagara Falls this weekend. 

We had lunch at the Rainforest cafe which was fun. You loved seeing the animals and kept screaming at the elephants hah! Which has me thinking that we will do a jungle themed birthday for you! Yes I'm already planning your first  birthday! Sigh. 

Super fun weekend! And a very happy 8 month birthday boy :)