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Monday, April 18, 2016

Happy 8 months!

Baby boy you are 8 months old! 

I can hardly believe it :( I truly feel like you were just born! 

You are 20lbs and in size 4 diapers haha you are a big boy!! 

You are crawling like crazy and lift yourself to stand no problem! 

You are just the sweetest baby! You do so well with our busy family! We are always out and about and you just love it! 

You love the bath and you love to eat! 

You feed yourself finger food and eat pretty much everything these days. 

You are still breastfeeding but we are slowly trying to daytime wean you. As its back to work in 3.5 months! Boo! :( 

You enjoy playing with big brother. Big brother is your biggest fan. He's always cheering you on and gets very excited when you learn something new. The bond you guys already have melts my heart! 

This weekend you had a few firsts.

First time going to the movies Ha! You did great! Well,  you were sleeping for most the movie but when you woke up you watched the movie no problem! 

We also went to Niagara Falls this weekend. 

We had lunch at the Rainforest cafe which was fun. You loved seeing the animals and kept screaming at the elephants hah! Which has me thinking that we will do a jungle themed birthday for you! Yes I'm already planning your first  birthday! Sigh. 

Super fun weekend! And a very happy 8 month birthday boy :)

Monday, November 09, 2015

A beautiful Sunday

Sunday was a beautiful fall day. 

We were up early so decided to go have breakfast by the lake. I dressed baby M in an Adidas track suit, when little K saw the Adidas logo he was upset that he wasn't dressed the same. So he went to pick out his TFC jersey to match. Ha! 

Baby M napped the whole time.

We then went to walk by the lake. This is our favorite thing to do. 

Can you guess what's in his backpack. 
Transformers. Ha! He has to bring them everywhere he goes. 

We then went to the park. 

It was such a beautiful day! And little k loves nothing more than to have freedom to run around! 

Don't worry baby M you'll be playing here soon Enough! I better shape up to chase you both around! 

So many people were out enjoying the day. Along with ice cream trucks and 
Candy carts! 

We even helped a little boy find his mommy. He ran a little too far from the park and was crying. Little k was so sweet and so concerned. We held his hand and went to look for him mom. He then spotted her and ran to her! She was so shocked and happy that we helped. 
My heart just sank, a parents nightmare losing their child in a big place. We were happy to be there to help! 

Little k had an awesome day at the park. And an awesome weekend overall! 

Little k did a little shopping too! We went to visit my grandparents on Saturday and they always give the kids $10-$20 when they see them. They did that with us until we were like 20! Ha! Little k usually puts it in his piggybank or buys himself a treat. 
So a soon as he saw the money he said he wanted to go to the ABC store (toys r us) I'm not sure why he began calling it the abc store ha! So with some gift cards from his birthday he was able to pick 1 toy.... 

Ha! Having fun with these light sticks all weekend I mean light saber Star Wars thingy's. This is living with big and little kids haha! 

We are getting ready to enjoy all things Christmassy!! 

Next weekend we will put up our tree and 
Decorate! For now I just pulled out the easy table top things. 

So excited for Christmas this year with 2 little boys! I'm waiting on baby M's personalized stocking! 

Little k is already asking everyday if santa is here yet! Oh boy! 

Happy monday friends!  


Sunday, July 12, 2015

Relaxing weekend

We had a very relaxing weekend. 
Battling the stomach flu has not been fun! 

Little man has been in a lot of pain because of it. But we still managed to have a fun filled weekend. 

Soccer fun on TV! So we had a bbq evening Friday night to watch games and the Pan Am openings! 

We had tickets to watch pan am soccer game today but with little man recovering it wasn't s good idea :( 

Little k had very little energy. He played with his friends about 20mins then he was pooped and would just sit in the shade watching. It was heartbreaking seeing his energy so low! :( 

We had a lot of cuddle family time that's forsure! 

Our neighbors have a playground set up which little k loves! So he spent some time there today ha!
We also got him a tiny pool to stay cool in this heat! 

So although we didn't get to all the plans we had, we still had a relaxing fun weekend. 

Little man is feeling much better. Eating much more today than the last 5 days. 

I think he lost some weight so hopefully gets back to himself this week! 

As for me! 34 weeks and feeling pretty heavy!! 
I'm slow these days dreading my last month at work ha! Walking from my parking spot to work this july should be fun! Hurry August!!!! 

Sunday, July 05, 2015

2 days of poolside bbq's!

Fun weekend! So much love with family and friends. 

Little k couldn't stop talking about all the fun this weekend. Late nights, late mornings, just fun filled weekend! Summertime! 

First was our family bbq. It's always so nice to catch up with family that we don't get to see often. 

The kiddies had an awesome time playing and swimming. 

Little k loves the water! He wants to learn how to swim Soo bad! 

As we left my godfathers home little k ran up to his car saying "I want this car ok mama" haha so do I!!! 

We slept in tonight after a late night out and on to our next bbq party! 

Ohhh and soo many delicious pizzas in a friends pizza oven!!! 

We we're soo stuffed! 

Great food! Great company! A perfect weekend! 

We had some family time this weekend too, fun at the park. 

And taking some fun belly pics! 

Little k is patiently waiting for his baby brother M! 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Weekend decorating

We didn't make any plans for the weekend. We didn't know how little k was going to be after his ear tubes procedure. 

So we spent part of our weekend house decorating!

Saturday we went to Homesense for a rug. Ha! Never can I walk out of there with 1 thing!!

Ha! We ended up buying a couple of things to complete some areas of the home. 

We finally bought the rug for the sitting room. 

It's the perfect rug! It matches everything In the room perfectly! Just need art for the walls and drapes to complete the look. 

I bought some dining room table top decor. 

And we had these elephants we bought when we went to Cuba back in November. We bought 4! Mommy daddy and babies! Haha 

Eeeee we will be a family of 4 soon!!! Super excited! Love my growing family sooo much! 

Today we had visitors, little k's cousins came by with speedy recovery gifts haha 
He loved that!!! 

These kids have sooo much fun together.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!!