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Monday, October 05, 2015

Fall. Fun. Family.

I finally completed a little fall decorating. 
I kept it simple. Just to add some fall color! 

Fall is the best. And with the cooler weather we have more time indoors in the evenings. Perfect for little k to familiarize himself with the piano! 

We had a fun weekend.
Saturday we had my cousins engagment party. 

Getting the 4 of us ready that night was a little hectic ha! Especially when we are trying to leave the house clean and in one piece haha. But we did it! 

The kids had a blast playing and dancing that evening.
Little k didn't want to leave. But with fussy little brother we had to leave a bit earlier than we normally would have.

Sunday morning we were up early so we decided to go for breakfast by the Lake. 
Beautiful fall weather so we had a morning stroll by the water.

Then As per little k's request we went to the amuesment park.

And they had a little treasure hunt and gave away treats! 

Haha a little gift from little k. 

Baby M got another gift this weekend too! A highchair! Yay! This chair reclines and turns into a swing too! 

Oh! And my Mr bought me a little gift today as well! Some teavana tea with a steeper. So cool! Peach strawberry jasmine green tea. Sooo good! 

Happy Monday!!!