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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Eventful Wednesday

Yesterday was soooo eventful! It was also my anniversary :) My husband bought me these pretty flowers, which totally made my day and cheered me up. We also went for a little drive up north (before the storms). Green scenery always boosts my energy and lifts my spirits.

I went for my ultrasound as well yesterday and came home with no information at all, which is extremely frustrating! Especially since I'm in so much pain :( I was up all night tossing and turning with cramps. I hope I get the results today... I can't wait much longer!

Here in Ontario we had some CRAZY weather ! Around 1:30pm yesterday I had just got home from my appt and was sitting on the couch... it started to shift back and forth then I heard the shutters making crackling noises... I looked for Zoe thinking she was jumping around upstairs but then seen her sleeping haha! Either way there was no way Zoe could be doing anything that would shift the whole house!

I tweeted right then, then seen the flood of tweets saying we just had a earthquake! This was a first for many of us! Good thing there was no damage and no one was hurt.

However, we did have tornado's tooo! and some homes where destroyed.


It's 9am and my doctor better call soon!!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Tornado in Toronto!

Pic from here
Last evening around 6pm we noticed the dark skies in our area of Vaughan just north of Toronto. Husband and I left our home in Vaughan to head downtown Toronto right at the start of the storm, as we drove out of our street we noticed an accident. Lightening hit the light post and the light post fell on a mini van, from what we could see I think everyone got out safe.

But this was the start of the storm, I do not think anyone new what was coming next!

So we headed south and we can see in the rear view mirror the flashes of lightening and loud thunder. Once we were off the hwy the storm caught up with us. Sky was black wind was strong and rain was so hard cars were pulling over and stopping. Then my phone was ringing off the hook, my mom, sister, cousins, friends calling to see if we were home safe and that tornado's were hitting our area in Vaughan. We turned on the news and heard about the horrible disaster this storm left our city with. We waited until the storm calmed and rushed home. Luckily our home was not damaged, but we drove just a couple blocks away and homes were destroyed.

We are all praying so much for all the families that lost their homes and were injured. To see the full story Read it here