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Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday goals and Veggie Soup!

Lots of GREEN! Over the weekend I decided to make a soup so I can have it for lunch everyday this week. I wanted to make it yesterday but we were with family until the late evening and I was pooped! So I made it tonight!

First I popped dinner in the oven... Pork chops with beans.
While that was cooking, I got my soup going. I'm excited for my lunches!

Last week I wrote these goals so lets see how I did...

*Create a new vision board for 1 year goals. (DONE! I have it in my bedroom and it's a constant reminder of my dreams and bigger plans!)
* print out quotes that help me stay on track during stressful days. (getting to this)
* Make a routine that works, some evenings for working on the side biz and some evenings for working out! (Schedule in the making!)
*Weigh myself weekly to keep my weight on track!(doing that, yikes! the number is not what I was hoping for ahah!)
*Cook at home 4 times a week. (Trying so hard with our busy schedules!)
*Always pack a lunch! (Always!!!)
*Always carry snacks in my purse for days that schedules get thrown off (I'm not pleasant to be around when hungry and this adds much more stress in my life lol) (ahahh I do this)
* Set automatic calendar alarms to myself with what I need to do on a particular day. (yup! I'm doing this, my iphone alarm is set at 6pm daily what I should do for the evening!)
* Read a positive book every night when going to bed, to keep me in a positive state (Love doing this, puts me in a happy positive state before I go to bed :)

So I'm doing well so far. Keeping yourself reminded of your goals is so important. That's why having a vision board with pictures of your goals and even a daily alarm that reminds you helps so much to keep you on track!

Ahhhh I relaxed! I'm enjoying my tea while blogging and then working on my side biz. I had a great Monday which I haven't had in a long time :) I'm grateful for that!