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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

I love using the timehop app. Bringing up all my old photos I posted years ago! Like this one of little K 4 years ago.

This morning we took a family selfie before work/school. 
Happy Valentine's Day friends! 

The boys woke up with a few treats. They were soo excited.

Little K had a friendship soup and fruit salad that they made in class. He had 2 bowls of each! Soo yummy made with love haha. 

Baby M had a daycare party, I brought his dairy free cupcakes to enjoy. Baby M wrote me his first card! Haha I love it!!

My roses <3

Tonight we had take out and cupcakes and spent a nice evening together.

Love my boys so so much! 

Saturday night was our date night. 

We went to a delicious restaurant in our area.  We absolutely loved it! 
Date nights are my favorite! I love dressing up and heading out, enjoying a calm long meal out with my man. 

We had wine, appetizers, a 40 oz steak! Yup I said 40oz!!! Picture below! And delicious  desserts! We talked and ate and drank and talked and ate some more. Haha. 



 A really great place. Can't wait to go back! 

My brother, sister in law and family babysat. The kids had a blast!!

Sunday was a snow storm, but a perfect day to be out in the snow and go to the winterfest! 




It was a great Valentine's Day weekend! We can't wait for next weekend! Family day long weekend! 
Have a great week friends! 





Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine's & Family Day!

It was family day long weekend here and of course Valentine's Day too! 

Friday baby M and I spent the day at the mall with my sister. The big kids at school/daycare. 
It was nice to shop in the mall without the big kids, ha! 

Perfect start to the long weekend.

We had family fun all weekend! 

Saturday the cousins were together all day. 
They enjoy eachothers company and they were all hyped on V day chocolates.

My sweet boys. 

And Baby M is 6 months!! What! More on that tomorrow! 

I can't get enough of that cute face! 
3 Valentines! I'm soo lucky to have 3 Valentines! I was a happy mama this long weekend with all the love and 

Sunday we took the kids to the science center. This was little k's second time here. He came last year on a school trip.

We watched the space movie in the IMAX theatre. 
Which made me nauseous haha but the boys loved it.

Making a tornado 

Watching his heart beat

He learned so many new things.  We can't wait to go back. He wouldn't stop talking about it after we left. He loved learning about space which he's also learning about in school so he was paying close attention to that. He loved the skeletons and learning about the digestive system, electricity and weather and so much more. Just a great day for learning. 

Yesterday we spent family day indoors. 
We played games, watched movies, baked, bathed haha we thought it would be fun to have a big bubble bath in the middle of the afternoon. The kids were soo happy! 

Little k usually hates haircuts. He refuses to go to a hairdresser. So I usually trim it with scissors myself. Yestersay we asked if we could try the shaving machine...he said ok. Ha! So we did this! 

Not bad! Considering im not a hairdresser haha! 

Happy Family day friends! 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Burr it's cold outside!

Ok we can't really complain that much. We've had a pretty mild winter, but burrrrr today it's freezing!!! 

Mardi Gras carnival event at school this week. Did you have these events at school when you were young? I remember begging my mom for money for a croissant and hot chocolate ha! Playing fun games in the school yard too. It was fun, little k will enjoy it too!

Tomorrow he will bring some Valentine's Day treats to school! We put them together yesterday. 
Some pinterest ideas for the teachers too. Gift card for coffee/donut.
I wrote in the card: 

Donut I'd do without a teacher like you! 

Ha cute huh. 

Baby M has his first ear infection. :( 
We are all too familar with these! Little k had bad ear infections his first 3 years and since the tubes were placed in his ears he hasn't had one since!

I hope baby M doesn't get these often, they are Soo painful. Especially when the  pressure causes a hole in the eardrum for release :( we are on antibiotics for 10 days. 

Sunday he will be 6 months! Second child just rushes through all stages Huh! He's already trying to lift to sitting position and he can almost crawl too! 

He is such a sweet baby with a happy calm personality! 

Ha! New sunglasses for our upcoming trip.

This weekend is also family day long weekend! 
We have some family fun planned! 

Have a great weekend friends! 

Oh! Just noticed I didn't blog about super bowl sunday! Did you have a party for the game? We do every year. Just a small get together to watch and enjoy some yummy food!

This year I made ribs and chilli dogs! My sister made the pizza. Mm mm! They were a big hit for a fun evening!