Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Got ya!

Can you see the pic above it's a little dark but that is Zoe hiding under the bed. Her new thing is to hide quietly under the bed when we are getting ready for bed so she doesn't get seen and doesn't get kicked out. She stays quietly until 2/3 am ish and sneaks into our bed for cuddles. It's cute and I love her, but husband gets allergies and if we move the way she does not agree with she will start biting and wake us up. So now every night we need to pull her out from under the bed and lock her out of our room. ahah her hiding place has been found!

Today is sooo cold here in toronto! -11c and feels like -20c BURRRRR!!!!!! Hats, scarfs and gloves are very much needed!

Cilantro pic. This is what it looks like today after just over a week in the fridge, it's a little wilted and does not smell as fresh. It tasted fine on the weekend. I will try it today. Over all it's lasts longer in the water than just in the bag.

2 more days of work then a week vacation ahhhhhh! Love the holidays!
Hope you are all having a wonderful week!


  1. Cats are such geniuses. I miss having cats. When I got married, my cats ran away because my husband had (and we still have) a big bull terrier that doesn't go for cats. I was so sad when they ran away, but I didn't blame them one bit. I had had one of them for 10 years and the other one for 6 years.
    Have a happy holiday! Enjoy the cold!

  2. I'm at my parents in Nebraska, and we're bracing for a huge winter storm. The cold is not fun!

  3. Zoe is quite the sneaky kitty cat.

    I hope work speeds by so you can start your holiday vacation.


  4. Love cats, but hubby is allergic.

    Your cilantro looks great. My grandma kept all her herbs in water, but not in the fridge.

    Does it work better in the fridge?