Thursday, December 10, 2009

Basement Exercise Room

It's now way too cold for jogging. I know some people don't mind jogging in the cold, but I hate the feeling of freezing then sweating. So that's what I have a basement for! Now we will put use to our basement exercise room!
And of course where I am, Zoe is... hahah!

Today I made sure that no matter how exhausted I was I had to make time for working out. As soon as I got home I prepared dinner, popped it all in the oven for 40mins and went downstairs to work out. When I was done working out dinner was ready! Ahh Chicken, Veggies and a Samosa!

Dinners are late these days, and by the time dinner is done and dishes are cleaned it's 730 and sometimes 8!, I know it may not sound late for some but for the last 4 years I never came home from work passed 5! and dinner and dishes never put me passed 6pm! I just always had more evening time. Miss that! (yes... If you haven't noticed, I kick and scream with change... ;) )


  1. I hate running in the cold...Hurts the lungs..I mean I dont really have cold here in SoCal but still...the 60s hurt too :) Your dinner looked small..I mean..Did I say that out loud??? :) Good for you

  2. It's freezing here in Toronto it's -8C right now (17.6F) (used one of those online Converters ahah!)

    Dinner was small today ;) Making up for yesterdays cookies and milk! heehee

  3. Mmmmm....your dinner looks yummy.

  4. your dinner looks nice and healthy! wow, with work all day and then having to come home and cook dinner and everything, i don't think i would be able to work out! good for you!! :)

  5. I love the basement exercise room!

  6. I have always hated sweating in the cold. NOt worth it.