Monday, April 19, 2010

Jamaica trip pt 2

Now what's going to another country and not experience outside the resort... While in Jamaica we did a couple tours, we went to Dunns River falls, sooo much fun! and we also went to the Bob Marley tour, a definite MUST when going to Jamaica. I would have loved to do other tours as well but we only had a week. ;)

Here are some pics enjoy! :)
Climbing the falls was pretty tough! I couldn't stop laughing while climbing. It was by far sexy looking with butt in the air and trying to stay balanced ahah!

Husband was always trying to get me stand under the falls, but the rough water was shifting my bikini left and right! Out tour guide had a free peek! Very embarrassing! ahah!

Bob Marley Tour

Our Rasta Tour Guide.

We traveled up the mountain to 9 miles where Bob grew up. The scenic ride is amazing. We stopped on a corner to get some pictures, it was scary looking down that huge hill!

Here we are in Bob's house. The "single bed" he sings about is right there.

The meditation rock.
We also went in to see his tomb and lit a candle while in there, but no pictures were allowed inside.

The most special part of these tours is the ride there, going through the city, waving to the people on the street and seeing their daily life.

I didn't know what to expect when I went there, but it exceeded my expectations by far! Jamaicans are very friendly very relaxed people and everyone we met really had a connection to their country and proud to be Jamaican. I put Jamaica on the top of my trip list!

I had sooo much fun with my husband, we had a stress free fun week. Ahhh love vacations :)

(I know my crocs are not the prettiest ahah! But I wear them in the water, the bottom of the ocean freaks me out when my feet touch things ahahh!)


  1. thanks for sharing your pics, it looks so pretty there! you're making me want to go on vacation SO BAD!!!

  2. great pictures!! Looks like you had so much fun! :)

  3. You definitely had a fantastic trip. You deserved an awesome break!

  4. i am so excited for these two tours! love your pics!