Monday, April 05, 2010

Lemon Crisp Pie, ugh oh!

Lemon Crisp Pie! = TORTURE! This delicious pie is in my fridge and taunting meee! I told the husband to make it disappear, but not to throw it away because that's such a waste! aahah! So he said he will eat a HUGE piece so there is less left ahahah!

Husband was off work today and sent me this pic of him working in the backyard.

I was so jealous being indoors all day at work, I love being home especially when the weather is sooooo nice!!

Tonight was a beautiful night so we ate dinner outdoors :). I wasn't feeling so good after work, I had really bad backaches. BUT I took some advil and all was good. Even got my work out in tonight :)

Pork chops with Veggie chili for dinner :)

Jamaica Trip is getting close!

Here are my bikini goals for the week :)

* Tea and 1 slice of toast for BF.
* Only 1 small coffee a day if needed
* 5 days a week of home cooking, include many "green" veggies.
* Drink lots of water everyday! A MUST!
* Tracking calories on Iphone "my fitness pal app" 1300-1500 Cals a day
* 3 bite rule on sweets
* 3 days a week basement work out: Ab Lounge and Gazelle 1 hour work outs
* No fast food! (no burgers, no fries, no pop!) :) Kicking this habit right on!

Health update: Tomorrow I'm going for an ultrasound to check up on my Ovarian Cyst. I really hope it's gone!! fingers crossed! :)


  1. Glad your back is feeling better. Your dinner looked delish! I may make that tonight...YUM! Thanks for sharing and for the healthy tips. ~Liz

  2. Goood Luck Darling! I messed up chocolate chip cookies this past weekend! Hope that makes u feel better:) I hate beer! I hope he's only an occasional drinker!~lol! Fingers crossed for your results to come back good!:) xoxox

  3. That work-from-home pic got me so jealous too~~ I wish I could work at the backyard too lol