Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Look at us good students! Italian classes began yesterday and it was so much fun! The teacher is coming to us and we are getting together at my moms house once a week. Tutorino.ca is the company we went with. Our teacher is from Naples. He is soo nice and funny and we had a great time laughing and learning!

Summer is here and there are MUCH more things to do. I'm SOOOO busy! I have not worked out at all! So tomorrow I need to sit down and re-do my weekly schedule! When things get hectic, I get a little crazy and the meltdowns begin! Soooo I'll need to get on that ASAP!

Also, work is really getting in the way of my eating ha! BUT It's true. I'm always in meetings or on different floors that I miss my snacks then get over the point of hungry which you know what that equals ---- crazy me and meltdowns! Seems like this is the story of my life these days! Crazy and meltdowns!No fun!!!!!

Tomorrow I'm heading to the doctors for my B12 shot, hopefully this gives me the energy I neeeed!

My mom came by with her dog tonight and Zoe just followed him around the whole house. They were good with each other it was cute.

Hope you are all having a great week!


  1. Tania thats such a funny picture of you guysss! lol all smiles.. i hope your classses go well!! be a sponge!! thats my dads words everytime he dropped me off to highschool lol!

  2. Italian lessons at your mom's house? That's awesome!

    Good luck with the eating healthily and exercising. I'm just like you if those two things aren't going well. I actually had to make them my highest daily priorities because I figure as long as I get my exercise and healthy eating in then everything else goes better too.

  3. reading your post on italian classes just made me even MORE nervous! ahhhh i can't do it!!!!!!

    next week, there will be a lot of laughing....at me!! LOL