Saturday, June 05, 2010

Weekend relaxation!

Zoe and I cleaned the house today ahah! She chases me around when I sweep or swifter and gets extra hyper when I go in to the dining room or basement (she's territorial ahah!)

It's a beautiful day. I ran some errands and just relaxed outside getting fresh air!

We are still pretty new to our area and we are always looking for new places to eat and check out. Yesterday we found a Italian Sandwich place right by our house! I had a chicken sandwich with veggies. It was HUGE! Husband had to finish it off for me ahhah!

I'm sure you all know what next week is! World CUP! My husband is a HUGE soccer fan! I just tag along for the fun ahah! The teams we are going for....
He would also like me to mention he is also going for Brazil LOL.

What team/teams are you routing for!?


  1. Tania, I am loving your blog - I became a follower today!! PS. stopped over from SITS and I can't believe how engaging your blog is...I am also on a weight loss kick too - we started a challenge with a few of my friends - not going as well as I hoped but I am sticking to it...Stop by sometime and stay a while...


  2. That sandwich looks so yummy!!

  3. I heard Romania kicked Honduras' a** during Saturday's friendly match! Kape was laughing - Miguel must be devastated (Romania's not even in the world cup!) Oh, and we're cheering for Germany all the way (just don't tell the Italian neighbours)!

  4. Hi! I am stopping over from SITS! I love that you are in Toronto! So close to Buffalo :) Cheers!


    Wishing you the best of luck on reaching all your goals! :-)

    from The Balance Beam

  6. I'm not so much of a soccer fan but John is. He doesn't really have a particular team he goes for but he'll watch as many games as he can.

  7. ok that pic of your cat is cracking me up!! she looks so serious, like she's in jail or something, lol!!