Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Out of it!

Zoe can always imitate how I feel... UGH today I feel out of it! Work has been soooo stressful! I left work yesterday so upset! Today was a little bit better. I made sure to voice my opinion at work... to my boss! I really am not going to take bullying in the workplace! So when I feel I'm in the right I neeed! to stick up for myself! :)

This week was our second week of Italiano Classes! It was so much fun. I forgot to take pics!! Next week I'll be sure to take pic of us students. haha!

I've been doing REALLY REALLY well with the no fast food! Fast food meaning drive thru places like McDonald's/Wendy's/Harvey's etc. However the other night coming home from work and having an appointment to make we went to McDonald's. I did not want to break my no fast food streak, so I went for a grilled mcmini haha! It was ok. Not the most filling meal but it did the job until I got home to grab something healthier.
I bought oats last week and still haven't made it. Some friends gave me ideas on what to add to it but I'm still scared to make it.... I've never eaten Oatmeal :O.... I'll get to it... eventually haha!

As per doctors orders I haven't been doing my workout DVD's :( I'll post on that soon. I'm still waiting for my results. But for now I'm sticking to eating healthy and light exercises which means lots of walking!! :)

Hope you all are having a great week so far!


  1. You've never had oatmeal???? It is so yummy!!

  2. wow, never had oatmeal? i love mine with sliced banana and a little brown sugar!
    sorry work's been so stressful for you! that's good you stick up for yourself though... you're so nice but you're no pushover! good for you!! :)

  3. This is my first week of no fast food and no sugar...and boy is it brutal! I hope the work situation gets better for you ASAP!

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  4. Hello - just wanted to stop by and see how the journey's going!! Oats is great, youve got to make it soon..Happy weekend!!