Saturday, July 17, 2010

Working Weekend

This weekend I am one busy gal! I have many emails to catch up with and lots of errands to run.
Yesterday evening was so nice and warm. I love working outdoors whenever I get a chance!

When I went to the pet store the other day I bought Zoe a cute little pink mat to sleep on. She doesn't use it! Instead she keeps trying to go under it. She stayed like this for hours!

Weekend diet so far... This morning I had an omelette with coffee. I'll be heading out later today to buy a new blender since mine isn't working that well. I am loving making smoothies!

When I go grocery shopping I will buy plenty of fruits and veggies for my weekly smoothies, YUM!.

Hope you all are having a good weekend so far!


  1. Such a pretty picture! Loving the Starbucks, yum! I hope that you have a super weekend.

  2. Do you put veggies and fruit together in your smoothies?

  3. Gorgeous picture! Your cat is tooooo funny! Thats a great pic!

  4. Mmm I love smoothies too!

    And I'm also from Toronto, though I live just outside is now! I LOVE the city! :)