Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh boy so busy!

I've been sooo busy! like I already mentioned before ahah! But geez I'm non stop! Although I I'm not complaining at all...I really don't mind having the busy schedule. I'm doing all things that I love to do after work...However my Iphone issue last week erased my calendar! It totally messed up my schedule. I actually forgot some things to do yesterday and today.

With my busy schedule I'm trying really hard to follow my goals that I'm setting. So far I'm not doing too bad! Although I'm counting cals I still have been eating out once and while because we just have not been home.


The good news! I lost 3lbs! Not much and still in the 150's but I feel good and I feel healthy so I'm happy! Now just to fit back into my clothes I'll be more happy! (It's amazing how much my body changed in those 2 months) I have 4lbs more to get to pre-preg weight then 10lbs more to get to my goal weight a total of 14lbs to go!

Tomorrow I have a follow up doctors appointment, I have no concerns, so it should be quick! (hopefully she doesn't get upset with my weight gain)

This weeks Goals:
*Smoothie Breakfasts (loving this!)
*Only 1 coffee a day (hard but trying!)
*1500 Calories/day (trying trying)
* Tracking calories on Iphone "my fitness pal app"
*Drink lots of water everyday! A MUST!
* 3 bite rule on sweets
* 3 workouts a weeks

Now I'm off to read some blogs then off to bed! Good Night!


  1. Hey busy girl, I think you look great!

  2. u look amazing:) i need to put my roller blades on:)

  3. woohoo, 3 lbs! congrats tania!! it looks like you guys are having so much fun rollerblading!

  4. I love that the Coach swingpack was an exercise accessory!

  5. Yahhhhh - 3lbs down - that's awesome! To answer your question, I just ask and a lot of times they agree after they check out your spot. I'm also in marketing/PR - so that helps a little. The other half its because of Marketing/PR that I know a few and so, its like doing a favor...and you get that a lot in my industry!!


  6. Congrats on the 3 lbs loss! I've been derailed with my diet & now running...all because of vacation and some slight hangovers that didn't make those early morning runs happen. Hoping to get back on track Friday!

  7. Great job on the loss!!! Keep it up, you look great!

  8. Congrats on the three pounds! And what great goals! I should try that 3 bite rule :)