Monday, July 19, 2010

Smoothies and weekend

I bought some more ingredients for my daily breakfast smoothies!

Today I had a raspberry banana smoothie. It was yummy!

Tomorrow I'm going to try a Berry Kale smoothie.
-1 banana
-kale (frozen)
-strawberries (frozen)
-blueberries (frozen)

I didn't put in the measurements because I will just eye it, I like more strawberries than blueberries so I'll work that out haha!

On the weekend we had my sister inlaws baby shower on her parents side. My mom is throwing her a shower as well next week which my sister and I are helping out with, so my week will be busy!

My brother, his wife and me :)
My mom, niece and mee.
And look who guessed the right number of jelly beans! whoop! But I gave them away. No way I'm going to eat all of those (cause I would, and that's shameful!) HA!

Italian classes are over for now so I have my Monday nights back! Although my schedule this week is jammed with after work duties!

I need to find time for my workouts! I've been slacking in this department :(

Hoping to fit in a workout tonight!

Happy Monday!


  1. the kale is a great idea, i've heard it's really good for you!

  2. those smoothies look really good and funnily, this morning my tivo was on Martha Stewart and she was talking about the 7-21 day cleanse by some Dr., whose name I can't remember!


  3. that is a LOT of jelly beans!

  4. Smoothie looks really good. I'm going to have to try that. My husband makes smoothies but has never added a vegetable. How much kale do you put in.....just an eyeball estimate :)

    The babyshower was sweet! I would have eaten all the jelly beans too and if they were Starburst jelly beans, I would have eaten them all in one sitting!

  5. You are definitely a very busy lady right now. Hope your week is going well.