Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Decor and Your Opinions

Blogger friends, I need your opinions! My dining room has been the 1 room that has made me crazy since the day I moved in! It's a long room and I always feel like it looks empty. However I'm also not one to over crowd a room.

I'm thinking of adding 2 chairs and a little round table in the window corner and also thinking of getting curtains... This is where I need help.... I'm no fan of curtains, especially with a furry cat that thinks the dining room belongs to her. We also lovee the natural light our house brings in, during the day, not 1 light needs to be on because of all the natural light.

But do you think Curtains here will complete the room more....? Take a look...

What do you think???

Yesterday I was out shopping and I found some spring items for my home, look how cute this vase is, it 50% off too, so I like it even more haha!
And of course I found a HOPE rock. It think it's for the garden ha! But for now it's on my kitchen counter.
Can't wait for your input... Curtains... No curtains...


  1. I vote no curtains. I love the look of great windows with trim and nice blinds, all of which you already have. With the great high ceilings and the windows going so close to the top I think curtains would be too much.

    I like the idea of two chairs and a small table!

  2. I also vote no curtains. And your dining room doesn't look empty hun, it looks great!I love it!

  3. I'll be the first vote for curtains. I don't think there's a desperate need for them, but this better homes and gardens slideshow has a lot of great ideas for multiple windows like your window corner. I think you could add some and get away from the emptiness that has been driving you crazy without blocking the light that you love.