Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Post and boy is it a HOT summer!

It is HOT here in Toronto! The humidity is crazy too! This preggo can hardly breathe out there.

Saturday night husband and I went for a long walk on lakeshore. It was a beautiful night but by the the end of our walk my hands and feet were swollen! Not cool!

Yesterday was even hotter!

My bff had her son's baptism yesterday, I don't have pics with his cute outfit, it was just too hot for him, so they changed him right after the ceremony so he could stay fresh!

But still cute as a button! Congrats Baby A!

Little A is patiently awaiting for his bff baby K to arrive. Look at this belly! haha! My husband was shocked yesterday saying it looked like it grew so much over night! I get sorta freaked out thinking how much bigger it needs to get haha! yikes! 109 more days to go! :)

Zoe also turned 4 this month so we bought her a new scratch post.  Since the one we had in our master bathroom for her broke and she started using our bed as a scratch post, bad kitty. Good thing she loves her posts much better!

Look how little she was! <3

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  1. Congrats to Baby A and his family. You look fantastic! You are the cutest pregnant gal I've ever seen! :)

    Hope the heat gives you a break. Same here we sweating it out here in NYC.