Thursday, July 28, 2011

The baby is kicking so much!

So the last couple weeks I was still feeling only light taps from baby K, nothing too strong... But that all changed yesterday morning at 5am! The baby was kicking hard enough to #1 wake me up at 5am and #2 have the husband feel it too! That was a first! I think Zoe liked it too. ha! Yesterday she came at sat right on my belly and the baby was kicking around. Poor Zoe is in for a surprise when baby K arrives haha!

Tomorrow I'll be 26 weeks and I'm approaching my third trimester. I noticed that my appetite is much more demanding but I also find that the food aversions symptom is back. Some things just taste so weird to me. Nevertheless I still find the foods that I love and gobble them up.

My favorite day time snack ha!
Last nights dinner, spicy chicken, rice and potatoes!
One of the delicious lunches I made this week. I had 2 plates of this! Whole grain pasta :)

Tomorrow I'll blog about my 26 week update and I'll step on the scary scale... hmm or maybe not we'll see ha!


  1. wow i can't believe you're already 26 weeks!! it's going by fast!

  2. so this is the best feeling ever! so happy he's active and well!;0) i can't wait to meet him, of course after you do....teeee heeee! xoxo

  3. Towards the end your appetite will change again:) You will notice you get full faster but are always hungry! I advice you to keep little snacks with you at all time, like fruit, veggies, almonds, protein bars, etc...

  4. so in love with that feeling!!

  5. Hey Tania!! Not sure if you saw on my facebook page, but I'm expecting baby #4!! These pictures are making me HUNGRY :) I love toasting rye bread and then spreading with a thick layer of nutella!! YUM! All the best!