Friday, March 09, 2012

First day of solids for baby boy

When I went for Kristian's 4 month check up our doctor said I can start him on rice cereals. I was going to wait until 20 weeks, but decided to start this week a week sooner haha!

Yesterday was the first taste!!

I only gave him a small spoon of it for just a taste. He was so cute. Today we tried again, I made it more runny this time.

Once he takes a tablespoon on cereal a couple times a day for a couple weeks, then we will move on to avocados!!! Yay!!

Yesterday his new personalized bibs came in too, perfect timing!

Here is the video of the first taste. I laugh when I hear my voice on my videos. I really need to think about this everytime I take a video. I should, it's hilarious. So just pay attention to baby k's facial expressions ;)

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