Monday, March 12, 2012

A beautiful Sunday

 Sunday we had amazing weather!! And this week it will continue!

We went to the zoo in the park for a walk.

Baby K loved seeing the animals. He was concentrating on all the different sounds and scenery.

Spring is here! I'm excited to spend more days outdoors!

After Saturday night, being out 9 hours without nursing, I was in sooo much pain!! I had to pump many times during the day and finally I leveled it out. Yikes! I can't do that again. Not when I'm use to nursing every 2-3 hours!

Last night baby K slept soo well! I was sooo happy because I needed it! I didn't end up sleeping till 5am from the party the day before!

He slept a 4.5 hour stretch then 3, then another 3! happy mama!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Tania, he is getting so big. it seems like you just brought him home. I bet he loved the zoo!

  2. sounds like a nice day at the zoo! glad you're getting such nice weather, we are too! looks like you girls had a blast at your sister's stagette, so fun!!