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Monday, August 20, 2012

New foods and favorites! Baby food

My little guy loves to feed himself now! He was great with holding bigger pieces but not the tiny pieces until yesterday!

So now I have been cutting up little pieces of all kinds of foods for him to chow down on!

Pieces of cooked carrots, parsnips, pears, squash, sweet potato! The list goes on!

Today I made a mix of red lentils, sweet potato and garlic. I made enough for the week along with steamed squash and broccoli. I also made his favorite purée of squash and pears.

Tomorrow we will try some ground turkey!

I'm excited that we have been moving away from mostly purée foods and on to chunkier foods.

This little one is growing up fast!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chicken soup purée

Yesterday DH was home with the flu! So I made a big pot of soup for him.

I sautéed onions, garlic, celery and carrots then added organic low salt chicken broth and some water. I then added chicken thighs and backs. Brought up to a boil added cilantro and bay leaves then simmered on low for 2 hours. I also added butternut squash near the end.

While that was cooking and baby K was playing so well in his playpen so I  also made pear, plum and pea purée for him.

Once the soup was ready I took out some chicken, carrots and squash and puréed it for baby K. He tried it yesterday and loved it! I made enough to freeze for the week. Yum!

Tonight's menu, enchiladas!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Homemade baby food, parsnips

Yesterday was my making baby food day. Although my freezer is pretty stocked up, I usually make pears and apples weekly since they are a favorite with baby K.

Yesterday I made a new veggie, parsnips. I peeled and chopped them up. Steamed for 15 minutes and then blended adding water to make it to the smoothness I wanted. We will try it out today!

So far peaches were a little to sour and baby was not a fan. Last week I made peas a little more chunky and baby K made hilarious faces every he swallowed haha!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Baby food. Pears, peaches and peas

Kristian was up early today so we had a early start to our day. We went grocery shopping and then spent the afternoon at home watching soccer and making baby food and pizza for dinner yum!

We were cheering for Spain and Italy and they both won. Yay!

I made peach purée with fresh organic peaches. I cut up the peach, removed the pit and blended. I added about 2oz of water. Add more or less depending on how thin or thick you want the purée.

I also made peas. I used frozen organic peas. I boiled them. I usually steam everything but with peas I like them boiled. Once boiled I blended them up into a purée, again adding about 2oz of water.

Pears are a favorite with baby boy. So I I make them weekly. I peel, cut and remove the seeds of the pear. Steam and purée.

We are stocked up! In the freezer we have pears, peas, peaches, squash, zucchini,apricots, carrots, chicken and squash. Yum!

Today I also bought baby pasta ha! How cute!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Baby food, zucchini purée

Today I made zucchini purée for the next new veggie for baby to try.

I washed 2 zucchinis and chopped the ends off and sliced it.

Then steamed it for about 10 minutes. Let it cool. And blended it all up. 2 small zucchinis made 6 40ml cubes.

I then placed them in the freezer.

Today I also made more pear purée to freeze.

Baby has been loving his Oat cereal more than the rice cereal. So we have Oat cereal now 3x a day with 2 40ml cubes of fruits/veggies.

Baby K is 7 months!! Tomorrow I'll write a post about that!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Making baby food while baby sleeps ;)

Baby and I slept in today so we started our day pretty late.

We went out grocery shopping this afternoon. We bought fresh pears and apricots for baby food purée!

Baby K has been constipated a couple days because of the rice cereal. I switched to oat cereal for now. I read dried apricots help with that as well, however I couldn't find organic dried apricots. The ones I did find said they had traces of nuts which I was not going to risk. So I bought fresh ones to try out. A friend of mine suggests prune baby food, I'll get that next time I'm out.

Ahh Mom life ;)

Little one has been sleeping for an hour and I'm getting a lot done! But he just woke up as I'm writing this ha!

We also will be switching out of the infant car seat soon too! This little guy is getting heavy to carry!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Not so wordless Wednesday

I have lots of pics but lots to say too ha!

Today I decided to add a third feeding for baby boy. I added a Farley biscuit mixed with water for breakfast. Baby K seems to have a 9am wake up time the past 5 days. So at 9am I nursed him and 9:30 he had breakfast. Lunch will be at 12pm and he will have cereal and apple purée then dinner at 5pm cereal and butternut squash ;)

Yesterday was stroller fitness. The class is great and it's such a good workout! My body is sore today!

The weather has been amazing! But we haven't turned our AC on yet and boy does the house get hot! My husband had the window in the office open and Zoe jumped out!!!! But we got her back in quickly whew!

Hope you are all having a great week.

Pics in no order using the blogger app ;)

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Been busy busy!

The weekend was busy with lots of get togethers and running around the city. This week is a continuation of that.

We saw family and friends this weekend and had a great time!

Yesterday we went to see the venue for Baby K's baptism. ;) I also placed the order for his cake too! Lots of planning! Just 2 months away!

Today we had a nice lunch at our cousins house. She made a delicious healthy lunch ;)

Today I also got a early mothers day gift! The iPad 3! Yay!! Baby K is already all over it!

Baby K has been changing ad growing so much! Yesterday he was able to grab his floating duckies in his bath. He also cries when he leaves the bath because he wants to play longer!

He is really trying to use his screams to get what he wants these days. Oh boy!

Today he tried apples! He doesn't like his cereal that much so today I had to dip the cereal in the squash and feed him at the same time!

Another busy day tomorrow! Hope you all are having a great week so far.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Making baby food Pears

This week we tried pears!

I used 2 pears, peeled cut out the seeds, chopped them up and steamed them for about 8 minutes.

I then blended them into a purée. I did not add any water since the pears are pretty juicy themselves.

Monday I made pear and butternut squash purée for the whole week. I placed 2 days of the cubes in the fridge and the rest in the freezer.

I've been giving baby boy pears at lunch and butternut at dinner. However yesterday I mixed pears and squash together for both meals.

Next week we will be on to apples and sweet potato.


Monday, April 30, 2012

Baby K is 6 months old!

You are 6 months already! It was like yesterday I brought you home from the hospital!

We love you soooooo much!

You are such a good baby! You LOVE to be held and you don't care by who haha! Everyone loves to hold and cuddle you and you are great with other people. You are soo social! You want to be part of everything! You will not sleep at all if there is a lot going on.

You only cry when you are tired and hungry. The rest of the time you are happy, smiling, babbling, laughing and observing. 

You love to splish splash in the bath... The other night was the first time you cried leaving the bath.. you wanted to stay and splash away!

You LOVEEE ZOE our cat. But she is not a fan of you yet haha! You stop what you are doing to stare at her, and if you are crying and hear her meow you stop right away and look at her. It's adorable!

When on your tummy you scootch your bum right up, your arms aren't as strong as your legs tho, not yet :)  You have very strong legs and LOVE to be in the exersaucer. We say you are our little soccer player :)

I love spending everyday with you. You always have me smiling and laughing.

You love sleeping in your crib and when you wake up you try and grab your mobile. It's so cute to watch. You sleep in your crib everyday but not for the whole night. I like to have you close since your sleep schedule isn't consistent yet and I am not ready to walk back and forth to your room ha!:)

You still nurse every 2-3 hours and eat solids twice a day. 40ml at 12pm and 5pm ish. Today we tried Pears and you liked it! What you don't seem to like is apple oatmeal. I stopped all cereals anyway. We are on breast milk, fruits and veggies. So far you have had Avocados, Bananas, Carrots, Butternut squash and pears!

The first 5 months I had sooo much trouble getting you to take a bottle.  Now you take any bottle and even a sippy cup! I was shocked to see this. However you HATE formula and just spit it out if I give it to you, so unless I pump, I have nothing to let you sip on yet haha!

You weigh 15lbs and in size 3 diapers.

You have your 6 month check up on Wednesday and one needle. 

You are such a sweet boy and we love you soooooo much! Happy 6 months Kristian!!!

Cutie Pie!