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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Waterpark fun

So this is my second attempt to this blog post. I wrote one yesterday and for some reason it didn't save :(

Winter is here! We've had a few snow falls already. Last week we had one snow fall that made our roads a mess! It took me 6 hours to get home from work! 

After a week like that, we were looking forward to a mini family getaway on the weekend. 

We headed to Niagara Falls for some waterpark fun! 

Baby M was going up the stairs and down the kiddie slide. He's such a big boy!! 

They both had a blast! It was nice to be in a water park when it was a cold snowy day outside! 
After a fun filled afternoon at the waterpark we headed baby to the hotel to wash up and head out for dinner and game night! 

RainForest Cafe! Yum! Ok can I say one thing, the food portions are huge. We were stuffed! 

The kids love the RainForest Cafe. The little storms that happen while we are having dinner. 


We then went to the arcade! 

Little k was soo excited! He loved the Jurassic park and ghost busters games the most. 

We also did mini putt! Little k and DH getting competitive with eachother was the cutest thing. While baby M threw the golf balls all over haha! 





Once we were all gamed out we went to the car and drove through Niagara Falls to see the decor and lights.


Perfect ending to our family date day! 

We went back to the hotel and changed to our pj's, watched a movie and we all fell asleep. The kids were exhausted from a fun busy day! 

 2 more days till Christmas Eve!!!



Sunday, April 15, 2012

Baby love, baby poop ha!

I consider myself a pro now when it comes to cleaning blowouts! Yes blowouts.. Baby poop that leaks up and down and out of the diaper haha!

We had a couple weeks of this not happening.... Then this week.... Thursday, Saturday and Today it's happened. Ugh! Haha!

Love my little guy so much. Poop and all hahaha

Today I bought 2 baby rocker chairs from a lady selling on kijiji in my area. She has twins and was selling 2, in perfect condition so I bought them both. Kris loves this chair, and I was happy to save a total of 130 bucks!

Today has been cloudy but the temperature was perfect for a walk. We just came back from a nice walk around our neighborhood.

Hope you all are having a nice Sunday too!