Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Hot humid hump day and vlog!

Whooo! It's hot here!!!

Happy first day of summer reaching record breaking highs!

Kristian and I went out this morning before it gets even warmer.

We went to get a costco card, so now I can finally take part in some of those deals my family and friends talk about haha ;)

Kristian had a little melt down while in there and I had to distract him with my iPhone YouTube Mickey mouse video haha! Glad it worked! Whew!

Last night kris slept sooo well! He woke only once to eat.

I want to night wean this little boy, I have the feel now to know when he really is hungry and when he wants to just cuddle and get himself back to sleep. So since its Back to work in almost 3 months ;( I'm trying to figure out what will work best for us. Although I will need to change it all up as per his schedule of growth haha!

I did 2 Vlogs yesterday and this morning about my start on night weaning.

Check them out ;)

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