Friday, June 01, 2012

Show us your living Room blog post

Today on it's show us your living room!

My living room and kitchen are open concept. Something we love about our home.

I'm usually sitting at our kitchen island watching tv, feeding the baby or on the laptop.

We only have a few of the baby's items out. His exersaucer, playpen and rocking chair, it's all that he uses these days. 

When the baby is playing and I'm watching tv sitting on the sofa so we can chat together ha!

I don't have much on the walls or counters. I never liked having too much in a room. I could use a little more tho now looking at the pics it looks a little empty ha!

We love our big windows looking out into the backyard.

We have so many windows and it's rare that we have the lights on at all during the day.

So this is my living room!I can't wait to check out others and get some decorative ideas too!


  1. Love how it is open to the spacious!

  2. super cute! i love your huge open windows.

  3. Where in Canada are you from? I live in Southwestern Ontario but grew up in Saskatoon and just moved here from Edmonton, so I've been all over!

  4. I LOVE it! I can also see my TV from my kitchen but they are side to side. If I remember tonight I'll tweet you a few pics. Great concept!