Thursday, July 05, 2012

3 more months!

Eek! It's 3 more months then it's back to work!! Baby K will be headed to daycare. We have so much to prepare for the next 3 months. Paperwork for daycare paperwork for work yuk!

Staying at home with the baby is just as hard some days as being a working mom. Both has it's pro's and con's. Although I would love to stay home with little K, I know the daycare I chose is a great fit for him. He will learn a lot and make lots of friends too. I am sure that I will be the one having a harder time getting use to it than him ha!

We are planning a family vacation before I go back. A much much needed vacation!

Have you traveled with your little one? Any tips?

Ahhhh the ocean!


  1. a vacation, yay!!! it will definitely be a bummer for you to go back to work, but like you said, the baby will most likely LOVE being playing with other kids.

  2. come to scotland :D cant promise sun at all but its pretty cool apart form that!