Monday, May 27, 2013

A little down but fun weekend

This weekend baby K and I were sick with a cold, we still have it which makes this morning a cranky one for both of us!

We had a family BBQ yesterday which was great. The weather wasn't too bad but geez we could be having a better May! Hope it's warmer this week! 

Baby K will be 19 months this week. I can hardly believe it!!! He surprises me everyday! He is strong willed and has such a soft side too. Saturday we were both grumpy from being sick and I spoke firmly to him to stop fighting his nap. He made a pouty face and came to hug and pat my back and looked up at me with puppy eyes. Oh boy. I'm in trouble. How could I ever be upset with him! He just knows how to melt my heart! 

He is into everything and anything these days. He knows how to open our bedroom door and tries to open the other doors to go outside. He can't reach the locks yet but soon we will need to get door safety thingies! 

He never stops when he wants to learn something. He is so dedicated and persistent. He wants to go up and down the stairs alone, so every chance he gets he practices. 

My boy is growing up way too fast!!! 

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