Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spring cleaning on a rainy day

Baby K and I are still sick with our colds. :( Hopefully they will be fully gone soon! 

 I've been tackling all our closets and doing some spring cleaning. We will be redoing our floors soon so I don't want to  deal with over filled closets when we do! 

I finally finished baby K's closet today. Soo much small clothing. Got me thinking that baby #2 has to be a boy ha! He will get a lot of hand me downs. It actually made me emotional seeing the tiny little newborn clothes! 

Trying to organize with a toddler is more work, baby k kept taking things out of the boxes instead of putting them in. So let's just say our closet clean up took longer than it should have haha. 

3 totes full of old clothes that can be used again. And 2 boxes of shoes. He has more shoes than I do in just 19 months ha! 

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