Thursday, June 06, 2013

A little ice cream on this rainy cold spring day

Yes, it's rainy and cold here. The weather is clearly confused. It's not fall, summer is around the corner! Right? I hope ha! 

The last couple days have been cold and rainy so we have been having some indoor fun at playlands and baby groups in our area. Baby k loves to just run free and explore. 

At the zoo over the weekend we used the angel wings to keep Kristian from running too far, he is a fast one so in crowds it's a little scary! My niece had hers too so he liked doing what his big cousin was doing. Which is great because now we can go for walks down the street and I don't need to worry about him making a fast one to the street! 

Today we went to visit baby Ella and met my cousin for dessert too. Yum! Funnel cakes! 

Baby K or should I say little K since he is not a baby anymore, is growing sooo fast! His vocabulary is expanding everyday and he surprises me with something new every single day!! Some words I don't recall saying or teaching him! Haha

He is such a big boy wanting to do things on his own and with out mommies help. Like eating an apple on his own or a whole banana without cutting it up. 

He has 3 canines poking thru leaving only 5 more teeth to come. Soon his front smile will be full! 

His smile just melts my heart!!! 

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  1. Holy! I had no idea funnel cakes can come like that! lol I've been missing out!