Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Reno project - new floors

We are finally getting our floors done! We are getting hardwood on the main and second floor. It's going to be a lot of work! I've been prepping the house for 2 weeks now. Moving a lot of things to the basement and clearing out closets. One whole room in the basement is now storage. Wehavetoomuchstuff. Tackling the basement next week will make me faint haha

Our office closet was a disaster. We had boxes from our move 4 years ago that we haven't opened haha! 

I re boxed a lot too since the cat was all over them for years. They were big hair balls! 

We have all the rooms ready for the installation. We fit our master bedroom in the master bathroom! Yes our bathroom is like a full bedroom. I love that about our house. 

I'm excited and nervous about the renos. But soo excited to see the final outcome.

I do love carpet, especially for Kristian he loves throwing himself down for fun. But with a cat and allergies its time it goes. 

Tonight we are bunking in baby k's room. He'll be surprised when he sees us in a bed next to his crib ha! 

This morning he walked in the master bathroom and said "awwww naoooo" ha!  Oh no is right. It'll be fun putting it all back together. ;) 

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