Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer cousin fun

Kristian is so funny when it comes to his cousin baby E, he has toddler kinda love for her, he gives her kisses and not so soft pats haha. Yesterday we went to the mall and when we put baby E in the carseat next to him in the car he yelled, OHhhh Noooo. Haha! He always looks over at her expecting her to chat back or something. He'll babble and point saying baby. I'm thinking he's asking her what she thinks she's doing in his car haha. Baby E is soooo cute! See pic below. 

The kids were so good at the mall which was great for me and my sister ;) we shopped a little at H & M. My sister and I would have these kinda dates before we had kids and spend hours in the mall. Not anymore ha! We are on baby time. 

After an hour or so we went in the family bathroom so baby E can nurse and baby k can run and get his energy out. These bathrooms are awesome. Only for mommy and babies and security lets you in. So glad they have these in most malls now. 

I started going through all of baby k's toys and filtering out the baby ones, some to give away and some to save for baby #2 and bringing out more toys for his age. Little K loves mostly bouncy balls books and blocks and his Elmo.... But so far his favorite thing to do is run run run ha! 

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