Monday, August 04, 2014

Long weekend fun

Ahh another long weekend. 
The weather was beautiful!!!! 

We had a BBQ party at a friends house. With delicious pizza from their wood burning oven! 

Yesterday we went to the beach and soaked up the sun! A 3 hour drive but well worth it! 

We built sand castles and played with waterguns and went swimming! 

Little k was afraid of the water at first. Once he saw me in the water he got brave and yelled "my turn" and ran in!!! Omg we were in shock as he ran in splashing with no fear. He laughed and said he was swimming like a fishy. Ha! 

I am sooo loving this stage and little k's imagination. 

As he was playing in the sand he was saying that he found dinosaur eggs ha! This kid loves everything dinosaur right now. 

I never want to forget these super cute moments!  

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