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Friday, July 29, 2016

Baby steps!

Baby boy took his first steps today!!!
Oh my heart! This little was on the fast track since he was born. Zooming through milestones. 

I feel like I just gave birth to him. My baby boy! 

Now today as I was vacuuming he got excited and took about 4 steps towards me!

I took a picture then slid over to video and little k came running to tackle his brother in all the excitement, ha! 

He didn't do it again tonight! But he was practicing with his toys pushing them around. 

I'll get that video! 

Big brother was so excited to see his little brother walk. We laughed and laughed and baby M's serious face and fists up and wide leg stance heehee

These kiddos melt my heart!

I changed some of my frames around the house to put their pictures in every room. We will be doing professional pics soon. I can't wait for that!

This week flew by. We had play dates and swimming and enjoyed the hot summer days! 

We had our Weekly sushi for little k, he loves sushi and he's always asking for it! 

We had ice cream with family 

So much more planned for this long weekend! 

Have a great weekend friends! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Entertaining the kiddies over the summer

I'm so grateful to be on maternity leave during the summer. We've had a jammed packed summer so far and I'm happy to be home spending all this special time with the kids. 

We hit the park or playlands pretty much daily! These kiddies have so much energy! 

And many play dates! Lots of fun with friends! 

We try and go to the beach every other weekend too! The beach is a perfect place to let the kids burn energy but also relax and soak up the sun. 

Yesterday we went to the Honda INDY! 

I was nervous about bringing the kids there, but it was great! The kids loved it! 

We found a perfect spot under trees and parked ourselves there. The kids ran around and we were close to a curve where the race cars zoomed by. Little K was excited! We saw a few crashes too on that bend which had the kids super interested. 

The main race was pretty loud! Good thing these muffs helped!

Hamburgers, French fries, ice cream! We had a lot of sports food this weekend! 

We slowed it down today and little K asked for a sushi lunch today. Yum! 

Summer fun! Happy Monday friends! 

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Last day of work and summertime fun!

Yay! My maternity leave has begun! 

Friday was my last day. I can't tell you how good this morning feels not having to drag myself up and out for the commute into work! 

Friday wasn't really a work day, it was longcoffee breaks and lunch breaks with the great people I work with. Then off early to begin my maternity leave. 

Oh! And the last day of summer camp for little k! He will be off with me for the summer! But then to a new school in 
September so there was some sad goodbyes Friday too :( 

Then the weekend! It was a long weekend, August civic holiday! 

We planned a jammed packed weekend. Could be the last before baby ha! 

First up. A little bbq party at our place. 
We have no fences in our backyard yet so we put up a tent and some tables and had a great time. The kids loved having access to the neighbors play set too! 

Lots of fun! The party went on to 230am! 

The next day we had more fun planned. My aunt and uncles annual summer pool party! 

Ok, being in the water pregnant is the best feeling!!!! When I was floating in the deeper end holding on to the noodle I felt my joints loosen up and not feel so stiff. My body felt Sooo relaxed! 

Always the best time with family! 

Our family is growing Soo much!!! 

With 7 of us grandchildren and almost 6 grandchildren, with many more to come! 
Can't wait to see how filled this pool is in the next 5-10years! Ha! 

The next day we still had a more fun planned! A beach day!!! We found a beach only an hour away. A perfect place with a playground for the kids and clean water to play in! 

The kids had a blast! We will be making this a summer tradition with family. 

Cousin love! And at least 2 more cousins to be joining here :) next year baby Michael will be in this wagon! 

Hope you all had a great weekend too!!!

First day of my maternity leave and patiently waiting for baby Michael! 

We are all so excited to meet him!!! 

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Backyard picnic and end of August recap

Today we all had a rough morning. Tired and cranky. I had a bad mommy moment in the morning that had me feeling terrible all day.

So I decided to make a fun evening for my little guy. 

I picked him up from daycare and we went to get some fast food. We came home, gathered a blanket and toy friends and headed to the backyard for a picnic. Little k loved the idea of having a picnic on the grass :) 

Backyard selfies :)

This past weekend we had an end of summer BBQ with friends. Well, end of summer end of living here too! 
Friends and family, food and fun. All we need! 
How cute were all the kids! 

Yummy pichania, cooked to perfection by DH. 

Water fun with the kids 
And swimming haha!!

The weekend before we went to my inlaws anniversary party. We had a blast! 

And by blast I mean heading to bed at 7am! And with little k up at 9am, you could imagine what I felt like that day ha! 
But, I had to stay awake! The next day was my cousins bridal shower! A 50's theme! I won the best dressed!! Whohoo!

Italian bridal shower... The only way my family knows how to do it... Holy cookies!! 

This picture doesn't even capture them all!

Now that summer is almost over... My focus is now on packing up my house! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Birthday weekend continued

Not my birthday weekend tho! My niece turned 4! 4!! Can you believe it. Wow, where does the time go! Little k will be 3 in 2 months! 

We had a fun play day for her birthday. Little k loved hanging with the bigger kids. He learns so much from them and it's so funny he wants to follow them and pretend that he's a big boy too! 

Birthday girl! 

It was a frozen birthday party. Ha! 

How cute are these kids! 

Sunday morning my husband had a work soccer tournament! So little k and I went to watch him play! 

Daddy played so well!! Little k cheered him on! 

This little boy makes me smile everyday!
He's feeling a little under the weather today so he went to daycare with a sippy cup of honey lemon tea. Haha. ;)